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Light Earth Cottage

Home Details

Land Area
8440 m2 m2
Building area
184 m2 m2
Year built
2 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

A beautifully crafted, absolutely unique earth home, built on eco principles.

The interior features beamed ceilings, wood floors, handmade windows and doors, and white plastered walls. The separate dining room leads onto a large private courtyard. The roof has wool insulation while the wall construction provides 2.5 x the required R value. 

The exterior is rendered in earth plaster, from on site and the roof is wooden shingles.

This home is an example of a type of earth building called LIGHT EARTH, primarily a traditional Northern European construction method. It is NOT mud brick, rammed earth, straw-bale, cob or adobe.

Light earth is a mixture of straw, in our case, [or wood chip or pumice] with a clay and water solution mixed together, then placed in boxing which is fixed to the timber frame. The mixture is tamped lightly and left to dry in a monolithic mass, which is a solid insulating wall. The process is repeated around all the walls. The boxing is taken off after a few days to allow the wall to dry, so is best done in warm weather. When one area is dry, the boxing is moved to the next area and the infill is placed and the process repeated, gradually infilling all around the building, higher and higher until the wall is completed.

When totally dry, the walls need to be protected by internal and external earth plasters, so the walls can breathe, creating a healthy environment.

A gravel driveway approaches the house, with sweeping lawns, gardens and regenerating bush at the rear of the house. Mature trees line all the boundaries. The more than 2 acres of land has potential for all sorts of sustainable living projects.

This tranquil, serene property and location will delight the discerning buyer who appreciates a high level of craftsmanship and individuality.

Eco Features

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