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Lite-House Surfdale Development

Home Details

Land Area
812 m2 m2
Building area
475 m2 m2
Year built
1 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

The Lite-House development on Waiheke Island is a mixed-use building with a luxury one bedroom apartment and three office spaces. The development has received multiple industry awards including:

- RMB 2010 House of the Year - Winner Sustainable Home $500k - $1m and three Gold Reserve Awards - in residential, commercial and sustianble categories
- ADNZ's New Residential up to 250sq

The building showcases high levels of building workmanship (Lite-House is a Registered Master Builder and NZGBC member) whilst adhering to the company's philosophy of using ecologically responsible building methods and materials without compromising aesthetics. For more information visit www.lite-house.co.nz

Significant features include Australasia's first vertical axis wind turbine putting power back into the grid, an array of photovoltaic panels, trombe wall, and full in-home automation.

Whilst the office spaces are in use, the apartment is open as a showhome until early 2011 - to make an appointment to view call 0800 372 100 or email [email protected]

The building is located on a busy road in a retail zone which has predominantly been used for residential use. A mixed-use flexible design integrates with neighbours but provides for changes in use in the future. This in itself is a major sustainability feature.

Extensive research over 12 months was required to get the right material mix with sustainable credentials including thermal computer modeling of the complex to forecast performance and make appropriate decisions on active and passive systems employed.

The design mimics the bach vernacular with vertical shadowclad cladding and simple mono-pitch roof, broken in length by a recessed alfresco outdoor living area reading as two buildings linked by a Louvretec covered deck.

Two seemingly floating light boxes protrude from east and western elevations, with the transparent nature of the Suntuff Multi polycarbonate exposing the LBL beam portal skeleton. The western box allows sun to heat up the Trombe Wall which rises through 2 1/2 levels in the stairwell/entry area.

Full home automation ensures the Lite-House home thinks for itself to achieve and comfortable, economical and energy efficient living environment. Systems manage audio, visual, entertainment, lighting, security, blinds, automated windows, thermostats for heating and cooling, louvretec roofs and shades, wireless networking and energy generation through photovoltaics, vertical axis wind turbine, including monitoring and control. All the technology is seamlessly contained with a sleek, warm, minimalist interior.

Cabinetry, appliances and fittings to kitchens and bathrooms not only meet the sustainability criteria, but provide a luxurious, classy, timeless style.

At every stage of the design and build, sustainability was a key concern. Some examples of our approach:

- best practice solutions during on-site works including rubbish sorting and recycling, using an old shed on site for the duration of works
- Volclay bentonite waterproofing - an organic, mineral compound with zero VOC
- Trombe wall provides a heat sink and opportunity to store passive solar energy, released at night when the outside temperature drops
- High thermal insulation through choice of materials for light box (UV resistent sheeting with SolarSmart technology from PSP - Suntuf Multi)
- FSC certified wood products from Carter Holt Harvey
- Sto cement free organic, breathable plaster coatings
- Eco Decking from PSP, accredited by Greenpeace
- MD Aluminium joinery with thermally bridged framing
- Metro Glasstech Solar Low E glazing and coating to reduce solar gain and heat loss- energy saving
- Louvretec motorised opening roof assists with ventilation, heating and cooling
- GIB Living linings - Environmental Choice certification
- Water heated by solar panels on the roof, with gas back up
- Low water usage plumbing with 4 star rated taps, shower mixers and wc suites
- Eco star cabling with non-toxic sheathing free of PVC, plasticisers and halogens
- Control4 automation to monitor and control active and passive heating and cooling systems, lighting, security, networking and energy generation
- Resene Cool Colours paints on exterior to minimise energy required to keep the building at a comfortable temperature
- Parbury Silestone kitchen benchtops and ensuite - Greenguard certified product
- Fisher & Paykel appliances - leading edge in terms of energy and water efficiency
- Hynds Lifestyle Ultimate Wastewater system - produces a clean, odourless liquid suitable for irrigation of gardens
- Native planting, vege garden, worm farm, recycled fruit trees
- Cavalier Bremworth and Ontera carpets - NZGBC, Environmental Choice tick, maximum credits in the Green Star Design rating tool.
- Venco Twister Wind Turbine - can generate 1200W at 12m/s wind speed. Starts generating power at wind speed of 3.5m/s and puts power back into the grid through Selectronic SP Pro converter.
- Photovoltaics - placed on the roof on angle frames, a thin film array connected to inverter gives 4Kw continuous power for 1 hour in grid failure

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