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Merivale Superhome

Home Details

Land Area
278 m2
Building area
172 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s)

Designed by Bob Burnett Architecture

Homestar Specification: 7 Stars

Eco features:

  • PVC double glazed windows / Doors, Low E argon filled etc
  • R4.0 wall batt insulation, R5.0 ceiling batt insulation
  • MAXRaft foundation edge insulation
  • Rain storage (1,500 L tank, collection from 80sqm of roof)Lighting surface mounted energy efficient LED
  • 3 star WELS rated showers, < 9L/min
  • 4 star WELS toilet, dual flush
  • 4 star WELS washing machine
  • Waste bins x 3 built in to kitchen joinery. Red, yellow, green
  • Fire extinguisher mounted in a location where visible from kitchen
  • Permeable surfaces rather than paved hard landscaping
  • 4 sqm of equivalent ground space allocated to vege garden
  • Min 2 x food producing trees or plants
  • 860 wide x 2200 high internal doors
  • Level entry door threshold
  • Level entry showers and bathrooms to Lifemark standards
  • Mid-floor - Xlam CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)
  • Heat Pump Dual Heat system linked to U/F heating, HWC Hot Water Cylinder
  • ECOMaster ERV Energy Recovery Ventilation system
  • Veedek colorsteel on FAKRO roofing underlay by FPS (Frame Protection Systems) on XLAM insulated roof panels

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