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Mt Lyford Holiday Home

Home Details

Land Area
5000 m2
Building area
50 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

The eco-chalets are designed to leave a minimal environmental footprint. The sun is used for heating both building and water. A smart system uses the heat from the roofspace to warm the floor. The mass of the building will retain this heat. For the colder days in winter a clean air logfire with wetback will fill in the gaps. The heatsink under the floor is insulated with a novel product: crushed waste glass. The waste water of the chalet goes to a worm tank. We have our own sustainable firewood supply on the 5ha section. All our light fittings are low-energy with some fantastic LED's. Waste is split into compostable waste, glass, recycling and other waste. We drive an electric car which can be charged at the holiday home.

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