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Mt Pleasant Eco Haven

Home Details

Land Area
990 m2 m2
Building area
220 m2 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)
Built in a beautiful location and situation, with a stream dividing the section. Views to the north of sea and city. As an owner builder, we have developed the section as the build progressed. The house is constructed of Concrete floors and concrete block on the ground floor, so has good thermal mass properties. The first floor is constructed with 150 x 50 mm framing for increased insulation with additional battens on the exterior to boost the insulation even more. There are large windows facing to the north and west to capture the sun. uPVC windows have been chosen mainly for their thermal properties. A 5.8m opening with bi-fold doors onto a northern deck/outdoor living area gives a good flow of air in the summertime. Permeable pavers were used to capture the water and contain it in tanks for the garden. There are two additional water tanks located under the driveway to contain water from the house and garage roofs. A solar system and a heat pump heat the hot water, and water pipes in the concrete floors, which can be regulated in zones. (Leap). Most of the concrete floors have been ground and polished, then sealed with a beeswax. Exterior cladding is Rusticated cedar weather board milled locally. There is a raised garden which was built from SHS from my mothers house which fell in the recent earthquakes. The wheelie bins have there own specially designed housing. A timber bridge leads across the creek to the front door.
While the concrete driveway bordered by pavers is very steep, once at the garage it is a level access to the front door and living areas. There have been hundreds of natives, including grasses and pungas planted during the building process. The most beautiful spot on the section after a hard day building is laying back in the outdoor bath,which is heated with a fire underneath, located directly outside the main bedroom.
Of course I feel very lucky to have built this myself with one of my sons working with me after our house in Avonside was badly damaged and "red zoned".

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