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Newly Constructed Rammed Earth Eco Home

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0 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)

Earthsong eco-neighbourhood is New Zealand's first co-housing development.
It is set in 1.29ha of former organic orchard and includes a large common house with kitchen, dining, lounge, children's & teen rooms, guest room, laundry and activities rooms. The property includes a shared workshop, large commonly owned open spaces, orchard & gardens.

The kitchen/dining room area has rammed earth walls and shelving made from durable untreated timbers.

The spacious living room warmed in winter and cooled in summer by passive solar features. The bedrooms likewise are made from healthy non-toxic materials, combining beautiful rammed earth walls with untreated timber.

Because Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood is a Cohousing community, you are part owner of the common house and grounds in addition to owning your own home. Above are photos of the Common House dining room, and kitchen with serving gallery area for shared meals.

Just walking around the beautiful grounds can be rejuvenating. In all, Earthsong now has 32 homes, ranging from four bedrooms to single bedroom.

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