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Off-Grid, Blind Bay House, Great Barrier Island

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0 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)
David Loughlin Architect
Blind Bay is located between Tryphena + Whangaparapara on Great Barrier Island’s rugged West Coast. Kanuka + Manuka provide cover for a regenerating native forest. Our focus was to create a small house that didn’t disrupt the ridgeline and was sustainable as possible.

An off-grid house with living spaces that filter nature rather than oppose it.

Part of our preliminary design was looking into what did it meant to be a ‘Barrier House’, capturing the essence of the original timber milling sheds that once stood on the slopes of Blind Bay. Simple Lines and raw timber finishes linking the house to
those that once stood in the area. The house is designed with an appreciation of shadow and subtlety, where hard lines are softened by shadow and the patina of age.

Designed to be sustainable and living fully off-grid, the house generates its own power, heating and collects its own water and is thought of as a ‘living building’.

Adjustable skins of sliding timber and glass connect the indoors with the out (or is that the out with the in?) filtering nature rather than opposing it. By Manipulating the timber shutters innumerable possibilities of natural lighting are offered bringing out the textural qualities of the timber and adding to a rich timber interior atmosphere.

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