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Powered Living Passive Solar House

Home Details

2 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)

The house is built to integrate Helen's specialist knowledge of passive solar home design with architectural style - the first impression you get is that this house is not lacking anything in the beauty department. Then as you look closer and listen to Helen describe the features you come to realise the house is also much more environmentally friendly than your average New Zealand home.

Helen's belief is that a home should be designed to not only look good, but to feel good too. Through Powered Living, she has created a design concept that incorporates style and performance working together.

The team at powered living are architects (RIBA/NZIA), but they not only provide a traditional architectural service, but have also developed a concept house plan that delivers a stylish passive solar home. The house that I was given the guided tour through was the Powered Living demonstartion house.

See the blog to the left to read more about the Powered Living eco house.

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