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Remuera Passive Solar House

Home Details

Land Area
787 m2
Building area
188 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s)
An energy efficient two-storey family home with a carport and separate workshop. Construction is timber framing (with exception of some masonry walls) with vertical shiplap wall cladding on a cavity, and trapezoidal Colorsteel roofing. Green roofs on the carport and workshop reduce impermeable surfaces. All living spaces have 140mm deep exterior wall framing to allow for R3.8 polyester insulation. Although nestled into a bush clad gully, the house still catches ample sun for passive solar heating through large north facing windows. Passive solar design and ventilation reduce energy consumption, and solar PV panels provide much of the electricity requirements. The house incorporates recycled content from the demolished ex-state house that used to occupy the site.

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