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Roseneath Cottage

Home Details

Land Area
3000 m2 m2
Building area
65 m2 m2
Year built
2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
Our primary interests are in energy efficiency, comfortable spaces, growing some of our own food and being a bit away from the bustle of Auckland.
Even in Auckland’s temperate climate, houses can be rather cold, damp and dark in winter.
Key features;
· Sheltered, north facing site. Some shading from the bush to the west.
· Double glazed PVC joinery from Eurowindows – a big plus
· Limiting window sizes especially to the south (still a good size, no walls of glass).
· Higher levels of insulation – walls with more southerly orientation 140mm thick and around R4. We were also careful to ensure the insulation was well fitted. It is common to get gaps especially as builders are usually in a hurry and are not usually aware of insulation importance. Fibreglass this time, but never again (one of the most effective forms of insulation, but I have had enough of the discomfort working with it).
· Day lighting. We have a light well over our kitchen and dining area which makes the area well lit even on grey winter days. This has a real feel good factor in the winter but has had it’s issues with trying to prevent overheating in the summer. Work in progress – I will probably reduce the clear roof area as we get more light than needed. We have fitted diffuse panels at ceiling level which have helped. Windows in the vertical wall instead of clear roofing would have been better.
· Raft style concrete floor with tint in the concrete and a seal coat. Looks good and doesn’t show the cracks that concrete always gets.
· We do not need much heating so use small oil column heaters with effective thermostats so can keep the whole house warm especially at night to minimise risks of condensation/moulds. The windows have a limited tilt function so some can be left open at night to ensure some ventilation. Also effective venting of the shower and cooking moisture.
· This is the small unit that we have built for somewhere to live while we get around to the main house. It is useful for trying out ideas.

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