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Ruth and Jonny's Eco Home in Christchurch

Home Details

Land Area
537 m2 m2
Building area
150 m2 m2
3 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)

Since they purchased, Ruth and Jonny have rennovated their inner city house to make more environmentally friendly through a number of enhancements and also through day to running of the house hold.

Solar hot water system
On the roof of the house they have recently installed an NZSolar solar hot water system. This has lowered their weekly power bill by providing hot water from the sun.

Passive Solar
Most of the windows have been double glazed to reduce heat loss and the house is well situated facing north for maximum solar gain. The outside of the house is painted a dark colour which absorbs more heat than lighter colours.

Throughout the house they have installed the power saving 'ecobulbs'. This also helps to lower the monthly power bill.

Rain water collection
Water for the garden and other non-pottable uses is collected from the roof into a holding tank.

Eco friendly garden
House hold green waste is recycled through an 'earth maker' compost system in the garden. The garden is a beautifully planted New Zealand native species which doesn't require constant watering, mowing or weeding.

Future Enhancements
They are investigating replacing some of their appliances with energy saving appliances to further lower the power bill.

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