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Self-sufficient, healthy eco house 10 minutes from Nelson

Home Details

Land Area
3 Ha m2
Building area
100 m2 m2
Year built
2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
A challenging build on a steep site...many geotechnical limitations forced us to abandon retaining walls and mudbricks, rethink materials and style...however we are thrilled with the resulting pole house, expansive views, and self-sufficiency in a modern bach style macrocarpa lined small house but with plenty of room and a larger than 100m2 feeling. Solar electric, solar hot water, plenty of sun and warmth with our north facing siting...kiwi bog composting toilet, greywater system, and LED lighting. Went through our first winter staying nice and cosy, with only the sun and wood fire to keep us warm...it was delightful.

As my business is healthy eco home and commercial consulting, the home is filled with completely non-toxic and eco furnishings, including hemp textiles, organic mattresses and bedding.

Our second bedroom is available as an organic b&b accomodation, organic meals on request...

A peaceful sanctuary just 10 minutes from Nelson...for us and our guests.

There is also an additional loft space, which would be great for sleeping but currently is for storing overflow.

On site is the 10m2 hut where we lived for 2 years while building, made completely of recycled materials.

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