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Straw Bale House with solar hot water

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0 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)

As straw is an excellent insulator, giving insulation values of R7 to R10. This means the house is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, providing savings on energy bills due to the large reduction in heating and cooling costs. To further reduce energy consumption, a solarhart hot water cylinder is installed on the roof.

Inside the house an open fireplace is embedded into an earth wall. This acts as a heat store and during the night slowly radiates out the heat stored up while the fire was lit.

The straw walls are about 45cm thick and are shaped to create a unique, organic-feeling home, but they can alternatively be used to create a more 'standard' look.

The natural straw creates breathable walls that reduces the build up of moisture or toxins. Straw is a sustainble building resource which is available localy and reduces demand on forests and other energy intensive building products such as concrete.

This straw bale house was built by the Little Pig Building Company.

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