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Strawbale & earthen plaster ecohouse in Nelson

Home Details

Land Area
2 Ha m2
Building area
190 m2 m2
3 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s)

Hybrid two storey ecohouse featuring post and beam construction with strawbale in fill wall insulation, block walls through centre of the structure for bracing and beam support. Macrocarpa weatherboards over douglas fir framing on upper storey.

Ground floor straw, block and timber walls are finished in natural earthen plasters with casein / beeswax finishes.

Hot water and underfloor heating are supplied via two solar collectors and backed up with a 7kw wetback from the woodburner. All timber walls and roofing are insulated with local woolbloc. Concrete slab is set onto a polystyrene insulation base.

House features passive north facing solar design, recycled rimu beams throughout, recycled rimu t&g flooring upstairs, recycled and locally made windows throughout, mudbrick kitchen with rimu bench tops, rainwater collection and a reed bed wetland sewerage system. The outside of the house is cement rendered over a cavity system and painted in a silicate finish. Natural untreated timbers have been used wherever possible.

The house has been a owner build project but has also used many local small contractors for specialist jobs.

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