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Strawmark Strawbale homes

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Strawmark is the perfect solution to modern building needs. Our homes boast a large number of beneficial attributes including fire-safety, energy efficiency, cost and versatility of design. More and more people are discovering why Strawmark construction answers all their questions and, in turn, the method is gaining in popularity.

Strawmark has become pre-eminent in modern uses of straw bale construction, with designs which suit everything from contemporary townhouse chic, to rural lifestyle. All our homes have met with complete satisfaction from their owners and excellent response from the property market, with every one doubling in value in a short space of time. The quality of the properties has been recognised by industry leaders and style pundits too, with homes featured in magazines such as NZ House & Garden and Trendz.

But the story doesn't stop at private houses. Strawmark is ideal for a wide variety of building applications. All manner of commercial projects are suited to the method, from golf clubhouses, wineries, restaurants, accommodation industrial units... Strawmark is an excellent solution across the board.

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