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Sustainable / Eco Bio house - Wanaka, New Zealand

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0 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)

This house was featured as part of the Sustainable Wanaka 'Sustainable House Day 2007'. The house is an eco friendly lodge complete with games room, art, antiques and amazing ambience.

One amazing feature of this house is a solar heated swimming pool in the lounge! (See the photos of this house) This amazing feature acts as both a useable swimming pool (nice and warm temperature) as well as a heater, humidifing and warming the air (the air in Wanaka is quite dry being alpine).

Timber frame and timber lined. The timber is untreated and breathable adding many 'health benefits' to the home.

The windows are all double glazed.

Thermal mass:
Solid granite tiles are used around the fireplace to store heat.

Eco friendly wool batts are used in the walls and the ceiling.

Passive solar design:
The upper level of the house is designed to maximise solar gain.

Water heating:
20 m3 solar panel collector which heats an indoor swimming pool and the hot water cylinder.

Heating system:
5 tonne Tulikiri and oven for central heating and cooking. The chemical free swimming pool in the living room heats and humidifies the air.

Eco cleaning products, recycling, composting, use of eco oils and varnises, use of olive oil to treat the timbe

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