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Taupo Ebode

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Year built
4 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)
This 1960s board & batten home was essentially a ‘bach that grew’ – and included undesirable features such as a huge South-facing deck that was never used; large South-facing windows with single glazing and deteriorating joinery; a hallway and staircase occupying the Northern side of the living areas; and a number of awkward and outdated spaces that did not work well for our clients and their 9 year old twin boys.
When we were approached to assist with renovating this home, our clients had three key items on their wish list: make it warmer and more energy efficient; provide more – and more functional – space; and make it look a whole lot better from the street.
In addition, our clients made their commitment to sustainable living clear: bicycles are used more often than the family car (which runs on recycled cooking oil); the fridge and pantry are stocked with organic food and produce; solar water heating was already installed in the house; and the family business – The Green Spot – focuses on environmentally responsible tourism.
So the design, building process and all materials used needed to uphold our clients’ values as well as meeting the three overiding requirements of the brief.

The South-facing deck was built in and the staircase relocated, resulting in a large open plan living area occupying the entire middle section of the house from North to South. This allows the sun to penetrate deeply into the living areas to provide passive heating in the winter. It has also provided a second living and dining area oriented to the sunny and sheltered outdoor living courtyard and garden on the Northern side of the house, while gaining views to the South from this area.
The upstairs extension created adjoining bedrooms for the twin boys, which can be closed off from each other by means of a large Shoji slider. Translucent ‘Kariba’ glazing in this door, and louvers above, allow light and air into both rooms even when the door is shut.
A large entry lobby was created on the ground floor and the front door was re-oriented to provide a welcoming entrance that was sheltered from the cold Southerly wind.
The existing ground floor was transformed into a home cinema/rumpus room; with a new guest bedroom added in the extension.
The previously uninsulated raked ceilings were cleverly redesigned to incorporate thick layers of EcoFleece recycled wool insulation while still maintaining the exposed rafter look that our clients really liked and that suited the style of the existing house. Ecofleece was also installed under floors and in external and internal walls for optimal thermal and sound insulation.
Timbercrete (a lightweight block using recycled waste from the sawmilling industry) was used to form the Southern wall and buttressed chimney – both for its attractive appearance and high insulation value.

Smartwood joinery with argon filled double glazing was installed on all the Southern walls and other new areas, providing a high degree of insulation from the cold Southerly wind, while maintaining and enhancing the spectacular views.
Solar under floor heating was buried in the new concrete slab under the guest bedroom and bathroom and the new entry foyer downstairs to keep this area warm during the winter. The existing solar hot water system was upgraded and a second system added to supply the solar under floor system and still provide plenty of hot water for the family.
Low energy lighting was selected and installed throughout the house.
For more info see www.ebode.co.nz or contact us at 0800 my ebode.

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