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Tawa Saddle Hill house

Home Details

Land Area
13607 m2
Building area
183 m2
Year built
3 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)

Roof Calder Stewart Solar Rib
Roof insulation: R 5.00 Earthwool
Ceiling lining: clear finished pinus radiata plywood with exposed screw fixing for future access
Internal wall linings: Resene painted Gibraltar Board
Ext walls principally : stained macrocarpa cladding over 140mm framing ;
Ext walls secondary: Resene stained ShadowClad plywood
Ext wall insulation R 3.6 Earthwool,
Doors and windows: Thermally broken APL alum joinery with Low E and argon filled double glazing
Floor: Grey ceramic tiles on thermal grout on 150mm base insulated conc slab with 50mm edge insulation
Hydronic heating system: Multi - fuel 300 litre hot water storage cylinder supplied from 4 no.solar panels on roof and 6 kw wetback on Wolf wood stove and with 3 kw electric backup element.
Primary space heating source: Passive solar harvesting on floor slab through 60% north facing glazing
Secondary space heating sources: in slab pipes with hot water from hydronic system supplemented by direct radiant heating from wood stove.
Minor space heating source: Heat recovery from electric pottery kiln in workshop ducted to living areas
Primary space cooling system: Natural ventilation via manual and automated Ventpac actuated windows on north and south facades.
Lighting: Recessed LED downlights
Water source: primarily roof water collection and UV filter treatment
Water source; secondary: Town supply
Energy source: principally grid supply
Energy sources future: PV panels on north facing roof plane ( Solar rib capacity 140m2 peak gen = 12KW)
Wind turbine: ( 250 wind days per annum ( >20 k/hr)
Wind barriers: Local rock gabion pillars adjacent to North facade.
Microclimate created at front door: House orientation in relation to hill and prevailing N wind.

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