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The Warrander Studio – Makers of Architecture

Home Details

Building area
65 m2 m2
0 bedroom(s), 0 bathroom(s)

This compact studio was conceived out of the need to provide a transitional home for a Governors Bay couple who lost their house to damage in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. It also presented the opportunity for a new digitally fabricated design and building typology to be developed and realised by the team at Makers of Architecture.

The resulting two-storey, 65-square-metre studio utilises CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) structural timber panels in conjunction with Makers of Architecture digitally designed & fabricated plywood based cassette cladding system. The cassette components clip onto the exterior of the CLT structure, holding the insulation, services and rain screen. This new precision manufacturing method allowed for rapid on site construction assembly, the building went together much like a large jigsaw puzzle.

CLT interior surfaces provide a warm and comfortable aesthetic, this is supported by generously proportioned spaces despite the small floor area.

Flexibility is a fundamental sustainable attribute that Makers of Architecture support. It’s important to them that their designs and systems accommodate not just current building requirements and client needs, but also the opportunity for future change. Using screw fixings in conjunction with the frictional jointing methods for the assembly of the cassette’s and CLT panels provides a fully flexible design system meaning that it can easily be; unclipped, disassembled, altered, added to, moved, reconstructed or recycled if need be.

The depth of the cassettes can vary to house any depth of insulation required. The solid wood CLT panels also hold significant insulation value and because the entire structure is wooden it is a completely sustainable renewable resource. All wood is locally sourced within New Zealand, and has a zero carbon emission. As stated on XLam’s website (http://www.xlam.co.nz/Sustainability) ; ‘Wood has zero “embodied carbon” (ie the amount of carbon used in the process of manufacturing a building product), all wood used to create the CLT panels is grown and felled within 50km of the XLam factory.’

All services (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) to the building sit against the exterior CLT surface and are housed within the cassette panels. If the services need to be accessed the cassette panels can be lifted off and the services attended to as required.

While Makers of Architecture engage with technological efficiencies to achieve sustainable results, basic sustainable design principles are also applied to their buildings, allowing them to maintain healthy and stable interior environments. Passive solar design, geographic orientation, ventilation, insulation, plus solar systems such as; integrated solar Photovoltaic panels and Evacuated Solar Hot Water Tubes are included in their schemes. A strong connection with site and the surrounding landscape is an inherent attribute that we respond to in every project, again being sensitive to the site requirements and natural resources.

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