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Wellingtons Wadestown Solar Home

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The Solar Home is a solar heated and naturally ventilated house designed by Richard Wright. It exploits the advantages of good orientation and active solar architecture. The studio of Aonui Architecture operates from the building.

North facing walls are 80 percent glazed. Thermometers wired throughout the house automatically monitor temperatures and trigger windows to open for comfort in summer. In winter the pre-programmed controller typically keeps the windows shut. A fan and duct delivers the solar warmed air to a basement rock bin for storage and later recovery on cold days.

Research data and automated systems from this experimental house provide a vital resource in a range of other Aonui Architecture Ltd projects.

The active solar design employs solar absorbing tiled suspended slabs with fan forced air below carrying convected heat to a basement "rock bin". The 15 tonnes of recycled concrete kerb blocks have a thermal storage capacity of 200 standard electric nightstore heaters. Other features of the one room deep, north facing house are the high ceiling hot air harvester duct thermo sensing motorised louvre windows and a solar water heating balustrade. These are all examples familiar energy saving technology being interpreted architecturally. Integration of these active solar management systems into the initial house design has minimised capital cost and moved beyond the awkward ad hoc, appearance of most current passive solar collection units.

Eco Features

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