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Yolanda's Central City Eco House

Home Details

Year built
6 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)

solar water heating
untreated timber framing
non-toxic interior and exterior painted surfaces
plantation timber flooring
triple glazing equivalent
recycled carpet insulation
on-site organic vegetable and herb garden
comprehensive kerbside recycling scheme
planting of native trees
chemical-free, cruelty-free products
personal commitment to sustainable living

Yolanda's eco friendly house is located in central Christchurch, New Zealand.

The house was designed by Alan Simpkin from Eco Homes and built by Phillip Wilkinson Fern of Natural Home Builders. The house has been designed and built to be both energy efficient and sourced from environmentally friendly building materials.

Just as importantly, eco principles also extend to the day to day running of the household. At the house they are active participants in the local kerbside recycling scheme and compost all food and garden scraps.

In the kitchen, they aim for as much organic as possible, (some products depending on availability). We buy as much produce as we can from Co-operatives, Trade Aid and direct from growers. Cleaning products are chosen for their low impact on the environment.

All the cleaning products used are certified eco friendly and cruelty-free. Even the cleaning cloths are made of microfibre and the toilet paper is unbleached and eco-friendly (don't worry, it's very soft!). The dish and laundry detergents are plant-based, phosphate free. The linen is air-dried year round.

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