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Ecobob Cafe

The Ecobob Cafe is for people interested in eco living to socialise and to share ideas and information.

RE: Pyroclassic IV wood fire
By areffer
28 May '20 06:06 PM

Building design, construction and renovations

This forum is for topics relating to eco friendly building design, construction and renovations.

RE: Window Warranties
By Ecobob
25 May '20 09:10 PM

Importing or Economical Building Products

This forum is for topics relating to experiences and knowledge around importing building products or locally sourced economical products.

RE: Sourcing economical products
By Ecobob
29 Feb '20 04:41 PM

The NZ Tiny House Forum

Building a tiny home? This is the place to be to ask tiny house questions, share your experience and knowledge and have a chat about all things tiny house related.

RE: Beginners guide
By Ecobob
29 Feb '20 04:39 PM

Real estate and property development

Topics in this forum relate to sustainable real estate and sustainable property development.

RE: What's the process to reloca...
By Ecobob
29 Feb '20 04:47 PM

Switching to Solar Power

Questions, comments or advice about going solar. Solar power is becoming more affordable in New Zealand, but there are still a lot of questions on many people's minds; what size to get, what solar panels, what about storage for solar?

RE: Solar Panel Drawing Amps ind...
By Solar Mike
02 Feb '20 07:20 PM

EV Forum - The Electric Vehicle Discussion Board

Chat and ask EV enthusiasts questions about the latest electric vehicle models, from Tesla, Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan and more. Find info about charging stations and self-driving cars.

RE: Electric Car for NZ, Electri...
By Oli
29 Feb '20 08:48 PM

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Pyroclassic IV wood fire

Hi, has anyone had or known someone who has had a Pyroclassic IV wood fire? It is reportedly one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. I am interested though to hear from anyone as to its performance. The ...

28 May '20 06:06 PM
By areffer

Window Warranties

Hi, we're replacing our house lot of absolutely awful 1980s aluminum windows. I have had three quotes through for euro and US made UPVC and they're all out of our price range. So thermally broken aluminium it is. (Please don't ...

25 May '20 09:10 PM
By Ecobob

Roof - Home Repair vs Home Improvement

We recently replaced our roof. Does this go under home repair (expense all in 1 yr) or is this a home improvement (depreciate over 39 years). We made no structural changes just took off and repaired/replaced the old shingles. THANKS! ...

29 Mar '20 01:37 AM
By Haririne

Looking for suitable person

We are three older knowledgeable people who need a fella in his late forties or early fifties to join us and take on some of the responsibilities. We have built the ...

25 Nov '16 04:45 PM
By Roger

TC could you contact me?

HI TC YOu might remember i had a heat recovery unit installed by a local chch company. Just having a slight issue with the unit, and have not been able to get hold of the CHCH company to get it ...

10 Jan '10 10:37 PM
By GregC

Wetback with underfloor heating or radiators?

We are building a 110 square metre home. We are planning to have a wood burner with a wetback as we have a continous supply of firewood. Has anyone experienced using a wetback with radiators or underfloor heating ...

18 May '20 12:28 PM
By KermyNZ

Evacuated Tubes and/or Solar diverter

Hi All, Have a project coming up with a three bedroom house that had planned on having evacuated tubes for a solar HW system feeding a 250l HWC. Looking at solar diverters from PV too, and wondered if it would ...

24 Jan '19 12:37 PM
By Rabbitcat


I would like any feedback on weathertex linea board. It looks like a great product. I am building in Hawkes Bay where the sun is powerful.

13 May '20 01:16 PM
By RodY

Magnesium Oxide Board

Has anyone heard of or used this product? Found an interesting website that talks of using this board as an alternative to gib bd. M

03 Aug '11 04:31 AM
By Nikoftime

Self draw building plans

Hi. Is it possible for me to do my own plans for council? If so where can i find information on this? Thanks

23 Jun '17 06:39 PM
By Shine