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Ecobob Cafe

The Ecobob Cafe is for people interested in eco living to socialise and to share ideas and information.

RE: Putting a timer on an electr...
By iSmart
25 Aug '16 09:37 AM

Building design, construction and renovations

This forum is for topics relating to eco friendly building design, construction and renovations.

RE: Building a SIP's house ...
By tobias kraus
24 Aug '16 02:40 PM

Real estate and property development

Topics in this forum relate to sustainable real estate and sustainable property development.

RE: Couple of typo's
28 May '16 01:22 AM

Switching to Solar Power

Questions, comments or advice about going solar. Solar power is becoming more affordable in New Zealand, but there are still a lot of questions on many people's minds; what size to get, what solar panels, what about storage for solar?

Batteries and DOD
By rd400f
27 Jul '16 08:33 PM

EV Forum - The Electric Vehicle Discussion Board

Chat and ask EV enthusiasts questions about the latest electric vehicle models, from Tesla, Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan and more. Find info about charging stations and self-driving cars.


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Putting a timer on an electric HW cylinder

Hi All First off I am NOT on ripple controlled HW. Cylinder is on 24/7 if it is needed to heat water. We have a low pressure cylinder. I shower in the morning, my wife showers in the evening. A ...

25 Aug '16 09:37 AM
By iSmart

Building a SIP's house in Christchurch

Hi all We're new to this forum but are in the process of designing a new home on a hillside site in Christchurch. We're keen to use SIP's and aware that some of the issues with SIP's are related to using ...

24 Aug '16 02:40 PM
By tobias kraus

Good and economic enginner

Hi, Does anyone know of a good and economic firm ? Thanks ...

24 Aug '16 10:18 AM
By akmodi

Windows to AS2047 or AS2208

Hi, A quick check -- will NZ accept conformity to Aussie compliance ? Thanks akmodi ...

24 Aug '16 10:17 AM
By akmodi

Garden Office/Sleepout question

Hi all. Apologies in advance, this might be a pretty silly question - as always, I'd really appreciate if any of you have any idea/solution: I'll build a little garden office in the coming summer, which will be reasonably close ...

20 Aug '16 07:45 PM
By tobias kraus

Wetback to Radiator

Hi, We have a woodburner (old Kent) with wetback disconnected to HW cylinder. I would like to heat a downstairs area with a radiator connected to the wetback. Is this feasible and if so how? Thanks

20 Aug '16 01:50 PM
By dock

Passive House for under $240k?

Hi all, we have put together a design for a modular partially pre-assembled house that will be able to be certifiable as a passive house, and it looks as though it is going to be under $240k incl GST to ...

18 Aug '16 03:48 PM
By Dean Buckeridge

Architect recommendations for Coromandel build

Hi there We are totally new to the process of building (and the EcoBob site) but have put together a reasonably detailed brief of what we are after from our new home and budget. We are beginning to send the brief ...

16 Aug '16 07:41 PM
By hewittj

Underfloor heating wooden floors.

I'm about to do major renovations to an old house and would like to improve thermal efficiencies. 1. What thoughts on underfloor insulation? (I can access most of the house under the floors.) 2. Any suggestions on floor heating? ...

16 Aug '16 11:39 AM
By FrankieNZ

Importing Windows from China to NZ

Hi I have seen online window manufacturers in China offering to build European style alloy/wood double glazed windows using German hardware. My question is: Has anyone tried to get glazed windows into NZ? - or is it impossible given the toughened ...

15 Aug '16 12:07 PM