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Ecobob Cafe

The Ecobob Cafe is for people interested in eco living to socialise and to share ideas and information.

RE: 'Holz100' houses
By Alex_Fergus
06 May '17 06:34 PM

Building design, construction and renovations

This forum is for topics relating to eco friendly building design, construction and renovations.

RE: Azzuro Solar Hot Water Syste...
By Sunz
26 May '17 12:01 PM

Real estate and property development

Topics in this forum relate to sustainable real estate and sustainable property development.

What is an extension?
By Johnjones
09 Apr '17 08:54 PM

Switching to Solar Power

Questions, comments or advice about going solar. Solar power is becoming more affordable in New Zealand, but there are still a lot of questions on many people's minds; what size to get, what solar panels, what about storage for solar?

Solar Power in Auckland
By Bobby Sethi
09 May '17 04:32 PM

EV Forum - The Electric Vehicle Discussion Board

Chat and ask EV enthusiasts questions about the latest electric vehicle models, from Tesla, Mitsubishi, BMW, Nissan and more. Find info about charging stations and self-driving cars.

RE: Nissan Leaf
By AlexMc
08 May '17 10:00 PM

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Azzuro Solar Hot Water Systems

In March 2007 we had to replace our aging hot water cylinder and decided to take the opportunity to install a solar hot water system. After exploring the options, we followed the path to install an Azzuro system with ...

26 May '17 12:01 PM
By Sunz

SIP & CLT - importing vs using NZ products

Hi all. I've started planning our first build. I'm learning a lot through my dad, who is an architect who has been building passive houses back home. However, he can't help me much with this one: does anyone here have ...

23 May '17 09:56 PM
By welhaus

Wetback and Solar Problems

I have an Edwards LX305 solar system and a Pyroclassic fire with their Hotflow wetback system. The Edwards LX305 solar system runs well. We had good hot water over summer. Unfortunately, the Hotflow wetback on the Pyroclassic has not really worked. ...

23 May '17 09:36 PM
By Isky27

Magroc, designs, costs

Hi We are looking a building new home with magroc external walls and roof. We have a house plan in mind as we've walked through a home with the layout. We don't want to spend a lot of money before getting ...

23 May '17 05:39 PM
By Abhi

CLT & other structural products supplied by Welhaus's Welstructural Service

I wondered if it might provide a useful and appropriate as the NZ owned commercial importer, refitter, treater, pre-paneliser and installer of CLT, Sustainable SIP's, Closed Timber Frame Panels and Glulam, via our Welstructural Service, to get some feedback and ...

21 May '17 08:45 PM
By welhaus

CLT Cross Laminated Timber panels by XLam

Hi, I was watching an old episode of Grand Designs the other day and saw a house built with cross laminated timber (CLT) panels that got me interested, then just read today about a house on Waiheke constructed using them. I ...

21 May '17 05:20 PM
By welhaus

Natural Flow Systems, any experiences good or bad?

We are relocating a house onto a 5 acre section and need to get a septic system fitted. We want to be as sustainable as possible so definately don't want a powered system, and ideally want to our grey water ...

21 May '17 10:13 AM
By Fuzzell

Situation for owner builder when using CodeMark building products which stipulate LBP installation?

Hi, I'm intending to build a sleep-out on my Wellington section which unfortunately needs to be building consented as will be within 1M of the neighbours boundary (but below shade-plane so no Resource consent). I'm looking at cladding materials and some ...

18 May '17 08:57 AM
By Dys

Blowing Vermiculite into cavity to insulate

I built the house 30 years ago as a passive solar design, so it has 150 mm wall studs and rafters, originally insulated with R3.2 pink batts all around. The exterior is redwood board and batten or river stone, over ...

16 May '17 07:05 PM

Solar Power in Auckland

Hi there, I'm a student at Otago Polytechnic and currently working on a project stated as: "Solar powering Auckland". The mentioned link is a questionnaire (annonymous) that would require your honest feedback which in turn would enable me to conduct an analysis ...

09 May '17 04:32 PM
By Bobby Sethi