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Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

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Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 20 Jun '14 01:31 AM

We got the concrete floor for our new house poured. There has been some pigments added to make it darker. We would like to use an 'healthy' sealer for the floor, but the information out there is rather 'light'. Some advice included: - Polyurethane sealer. Supposed to be complete seal, but of course can be scratched by sand in shoe sole / chair legs etc. There are some partly, but not fully water based products. - 'concrete sealer' breathable, staining may occur?? - Bees wax - Tung oil (the label says not UV resistant, but have a passive solar design, so the floor will receive sun light) so good or not? - linseed oil - or just nothing - leave it like this

Who can tell us more about it, maybe from recent experience? Some products to recommend? Cheers Ben

Re: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 27 Jan '15 10:22 AM

my suggestion would be linseed or tung oil soak it really soak it & mop up excess after 1/2 hr

RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 16 Dec '17 08:36 PM

Hi Ben, What did you end up going with and did you grind first or just seal? Thanks!

RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 16 Jan '19 12:29 PM

They have eco-friendly sealers - got them to apply for me around my pool. They also have an eco friendly concrete etch which they used around my pool. i dont see it on their website though so you may have to contact them?

RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 21 Mar '19 11:14 AM

Hi Ben,
did you manage to find an eco-friendly concrete sealer?
We recently imported from France a water based impregnating sealer. It is 100% biodegradable and effective for more than 10 years. Let me know if it's something that could interest you.


RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 19 Dec '19 09:56 PM

Hi Matt,
New to the forum but can you let me know the name of the product and where to find it? Thanks, Jazz

RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 27 Jan '20 08:07 PM

I do like Black Diamond Stoneworks color enhancer sealer

RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 27 Jan '20 08:14 PM

Guard Industry NZ, I found recently this article ( url: ), where author exaplined all the options of each model and gave a lot of models to compare one with another. Black Diamond Stoneworks I found there as well, it's quite the product for the purpose of cleaning and enhancing of color.

RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 27 Jan '20 08:20 PM


RE: Eco Friendly Concrete Sealer ?

Posted 11 Feb '20 08:43 AM

It's good to know this renovations. I am being a carpenter by profession I can built those thing what you asked for and very interested in volunteering you people in this project. I have seen lot of other projects on blogs which were built by you people. This makes me interested in working in your project with you people.

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