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Heat transfer Kit - Summer extension kits

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Heat transfer Kit - Summer extension kits

Posted 07 Jan '19 05:30 PM

Hi, we have a 3-room heat transfer kit in our house (love it, had one in our last house and it's the first thing we installed when we moved) and note that there is a summer extension kit which takes cooler air from under the soffit on the cold side of the house in summer and pumps it into the bedrooms. The proper kit is around $900-$1100, which is almost twice the price of the original 3 room kit! I can't understand why it's so expensive.

Has any anyone just installed an new intake grille under the soffit on the cooler side of the house, run an insulated length of ducting to the fan unit and simply changed which pipe feeds the fan unit each summer and winter? While that's a small hassle every 6 months, so is spending $900 on an automatic system.

I can't see why this wouldn't work, and I think I can do it for about $150 including the insulated ducting.

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