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Magroc gone into liquidation?

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Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 30 Jul '18 12:10 PM

I am considering SIPs panels for my build and was looking at using MagRoc but have been told they are in liquidation. Has anyone else heard this?

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 07 Aug '18 08:54 PM

Red+black, I am in a similar position and discovered the gazette article this evening -

I liked the idea of a SIP product not requiring another cladding, having just started my second steel SIP house. But this time I wanted a two-story duplex and the steel SIPs only do one.

What alternatives are you aware of? Maybe LiteGreen and their Hibitech product?

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 08 Aug '18 03:37 PM

I am leaning towards the Formance system which has OSB board on both sides. Seems like a good product and have been very professional to deal with so far.

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 30 Aug '18 01:24 PM

Try NZSIP in Cromwell

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 30 Aug '18 01:26 PM

Try NZSIP in Cromwell

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 11 Sep '18 07:09 PM

Yes, they are in liquidation. Unfortunately one of the directors of the now failed Magroc ran an architectural design business that went broke late 2016 - with no notice to any of the clients. Hope the Magroc clients were afforded better courtesy!

I have explored SIPs with LiteGreen and Formance. The people at both companies seem really great - but in the end our design didn't make them economical.

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 11 Sep '18 09:23 PM

Yep I have decided the same. Going with the Kingspan Kooltherm exterior plaster system which gives over R3 just in the cladding. Worked out the same price as standard plaster over AAC panel. Once I put batts in the wall it will have R value of over 5

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 29 Sep '18 03:00 PM

What happens if something goes wrong with Magroc SIPs now. (The one already installed). Where do we get the support from? I guess use an alternative product/SIP.

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 19 Oct '18 01:22 PM

Hi Captain Paul - We are in the planing stages of a build in Christchurch and I am interested in steel SIPS. (I too had considered Magroc). When you say they cannot do two stories, is that a hard and fast rule. Is there not a way to use steel sips with some sort of portal frame for a two storey build? Also, with the steel sips, did you batten out interior walls and then use GIB? Also, I am interested in using windows with nailing fins. Is this possible with steel sips? Finally, in a steel sips house, how much noise do you experience from expansion and contraction as temps rise and fall?
Many thanks for any advise you can offer.

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 22 Oct '18 09:03 PM

haveaguinness, Quick Build Homes, the company I used, don't do two story houses. There is of course no reason why you can, just look at commercial buildings, cool stores, etc. On the interior I have just left the steel, saves money, leaves more internal space and is more durable. On the down-side, it looks unorthodox and it is more difficult to run new services. I am unsure about nail fins, but probably, just that you might be riveting, not nailing. I haven't noticed any more noises than a standard corrugated roof, probably less. The steel is a light colour (Tiatania) so reflects a lot of the light, not absorb. It is also bonded to poly, so this makes it more to move.

Low frequency noise it transmitted more than a standard NZ3604 house. Poly is quite solid, so far as vibrations so.

Our next build will be OSB SIP but clad in corrugated iron, so we will see how the expansion noses are transmitted there.

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 28 Feb '19 04:35 PM

Another one bites the dust...

In an earlier comment in this thread I mentioned Litegreen (Christchurch) as looking reasonable to deal with. They too have gone into liquidation!

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 05 Jun '19 05:37 PM

Is the Magroc and quickfab the same thing and how do they go in earthquake prone areas? also what is the advice can we have two storey house made from this system?

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 17 Jun '19 04:44 PM

In short Yes! The Quicfab website is almost identical to the old Magroc one - even using the same project photos. And if you type in you get taken to this Quicfab website.

First question I'd ask is why did they go bankrupt and then restart another company with the same products? They left people in the lurch last time, you'd need to be very careful with this company in it's current resurrection!

Here is the link to the MBIE liquidators reports;

Note that in the Liquidators final report it noted that the directors were being investigated for breaches of the Companies Act 1993. (Outcome of this investigation is unknown).

One of the two previous directors of Magroc is one of the two directors of Quicfab. The other Magroc director is employed by Quicfab. All this information is in the public domain.

Can't answer for two story buildings but I think it's a pretty strong system (almost self bracing) so probably OK for earthquake areas.

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 23 Oct '19 03:11 PM

Please note one of these directors is now flogging properties to unsuspecting people as part of a development company. If only people knew!~

RE: Magroc gone into liquidation?

Posted 09 Mar '20 11:33 AM

Magnesium Oxide panels can be very variable in quality with the best being the equivalent absorption of about 15% as similar to Hardiflex.

This means that some interior sheets I tested had up to 90% hydroscopic moisture making it impossible to plaster and paint the joins and the joints cracking.

I designed using Magroc for a build in Christchurch with the following problems –

Interior plastered MGO joints cracked but an overlay of Gibraltar Board for the interior sheathing solved that problem.

The exterior MGO sheets had a propriety plaster finish with no cracking and good appearance.

Jury is still out on using MGO sheathing for SIPs, but I do not recommend taking the chance with those imported from China or Australia.

I am currently designing using FORMANCE Panels constructed of OBS 11mm sheathing over laid with ventilation battens exterior and HI build spayed acrylic to interior surfaces.

Trust this may assist you – cheers Rex


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