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TC could you contact me?

TC could you contact me?

Posted 10 Jan '10 10:37 PM

HI TC YOu might remember i had a heat recovery unit installed by a local chch company. Just having a slight issue with the unit, and have not been able to get hold of the CHCH company to get it sorted. Any chance you could contant me, apparently the local company had spoke to you about it and mentioned i might need a new panel. There are 3 modes the unit can use, ozone, oxygen and something else, one of the 3 isnt working and im not sure its a control panel unit and a issue with the installed system. COuld you email me if you are able to help.. [email protected] Thanks. Greg

RE: TC could you contact me?

Posted 18 Nov '20 05:17 PM

Do your research at Google

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