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wood burner efficiencies

wood burner efficiencies

Posted 06 May '09 02:33 AM

I will need to replace my woodburner sometime over the next couple of years to something that is cleaner burning.

As well as the woodburner which is a freestanding beast, I have an old fireplace which has been decommissioned, but wondered if an insert woodburner in an old brick chimney would be better or worse than a free standing radiant one.

This of course is subject to the chimney being safe etc, but at this stage it looks pretty sound.

Re: wood burner efficiencies

Posted 06 May '09 04:19 AM

hi margaret re uniting the heat source (the fire) with the thermal mass (the chimney) may be a good way to help store the heat and help the home to function as it was originally intended to. As far as choosing a wood burner as your probably aware youl also need to select burner which meet the clean air and efficeny standards! alan

Re: wood burner efficiencies

Posted 06 May '09 07:15 AM

Alan, only if its a chimney internal to the building. In my experience of them in several houses I've found that the NZ habit of putting brick chimneys on external walls seems to make insert fires next to useless.

Margaret, this page gives a list of woodburners that have been evaluated by the MFE. Pete

Re: wood burner efficiencies

Posted 06 May '09 06:57 PM

thanks for that, the chimney is a huge double chimney slap bang in the middle of the house so it does constitute a potentially significant thermal mass.

I'll start investigating the clean burning inserts that might do the trick.

RE: wood burner efficiencies

Posted 29 Jan '20 09:54 AM

We have a 7 year old Osburn 1600 woodburner. It does have a wet back. I has been a very efficient stove but over the last winter has used up the wood twice as fast as it use too.

We had it looked at by a plumber who could find nothing wrong. We did replace the insulation around the door and had the firebricks checked.

It sends out a great heat but having to keep filling the firebox every 30 mins is getting a bit much for two senior greenies!!! Can anyone help?


RE: wood burner efficiencies

Posted 29 Jan '20 08:51 PM

Hi Helga,

Have you changed wood? From a slow burning denser wood like mac or gum to pine?

RE: wood burner efficiencies

Posted 04 Feb '20 01:01 PM

We have a supplier that we have used for 7 years. Good dry macrocarpa. We have had decided that the air vent may be the problem. We lit a fire and the air supply seemed to not react at all when we turned it up or down. Just burnt at the same intensity.

We have found out that there is a supplier in Palmerston North so may see if they will visit out of town and have a look.

Thankyou for your reply, much appreciated.


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