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COVID-19 Sustainability During the Crisis

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COVID-19 Sustainability During the Crisis

Posted 21 Mar '20 07:50 PM

Hi all,

Whilst we all hope that this situation will not dramatically deteriorate, we can share all the little things that might help us all through the crisis. I'm looking at what we can grow in the garden and would love to hear everyones tips. Not much of a gardener, but my pick and grow lettuce , brocolli and cucumbers are doing well. The mint and watermelon not so well. What is the best things to plant in March/April?
Take care.

RE: COVID-19 Sustainability During the Crisis

Posted 23 Mar '20 05:00 AM

I am in the UK and I can possibly share some tips with what is going on here in case it helps you guys in NZ.

I would think we are ahead of you in terms of the severity of the effects of the virus. I live about 30 miles outside of London, in the Kent countryside. There are a lot of people in Kent, and we now have all of our restaurants, pubs, leisure centres, gyms and so on closed down.

Our supermarkets are still open and still seem to be fairly well stocked except for eggs, chicken and toilet rolls!

The traffic is not as heavy as usual, and there are a lot more people going out for walks when normally you would just see people zooming around in their cars.

The schools and universities have now also been closed down, and a lot of businesses are carrying on but with their staff working remotely.

I work in a business centre, and I would say that at least half of the people who are normally here are now not working in the offices.

If anyone has any questions, let me know, and I'll be happy to answer them. I hope things are better where you are!

It is very strange as I personally don't know anyone who has the virus at the moment, but just read all of the new about hospitals starting to get full and ambulances/paramedics not attending other incidents which would never normally happen.

I'll post more as the days go on.


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