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Electrician who can install

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Electrician who can install

Posted 10 Dec '14 09:32 PM

Does anyone know any electrician in Auckland who can install Solar PV system – install only? We buy a complete Solar PV system kit by ourselves.

After done some research, Solar PV system in NZ are relatively still expensive because of the middle man who imports them from overseas. I am thinking to buy and import the system from overseas and ask a local registered electrician to install it for us.

According to my research, if we import the full system by ourselves , the cost (including freight + GST) – excluding the installation:

- Chinese brand, import from china : 1 W = NZD 1.00 NZ – NZD 1.50

- Branded products ( Invereter: SMA, enphase, Solar Panel: yingli , Trina, Canadian) , import from Australia or US: 1 W = NZD 2.00 – NZD 3.00

Of course there are some risks doing this – warranty claim in the future , etc

Has anyone thought about this ? Is it worthed doing this ?

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 19 Mar '15 08:34 AM

Not sure about an electrician, but you could check with

I have 270 watt Yingli Solar PANDA panels. A 4000 W system. I am happy with it.

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 22 Mar '15 07:03 AM

Everything installed by an electrician in newzealand needs a suplyers declaration before it can be installed . This may be a stumbling block for your idea .

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 27 Mar '15 09:20 AM

Interesting. Did not know this.

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 27 Mar '15 05:58 PM

and called a Sdoc for short

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 28 Mar '15 11:07 AM

Sometime I wonder whether the rejection of high standard products by NZ electricians out of countries like Germany is purely protectionism. It cannot be the "high standard" of NZ power points, light switches or wiring standards in domestic buildings. Compared to electrical fittings and wiring standards in many other developed countries NZ is rather on the lower end. Just need to look into the ceilings in new houses, wires thrown diagonally all over the place, over sharp edges of nail plates and rondo battons and wires somewhat silly placed in the wall framing so closed to the surface that the first damage can easily occur with the plasterboard screws. Not to mention the light switches which are so tiny and weak and don't last very long.

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 29 Mar '15 09:01 AM

It is nothing to do with protectionism. All Quality products will have the ability to get a suplyers doc. Generally i haven't seen any problems with light switches so tiny and weak that don't last very long. If you have knowledge of failing switches , or poor quality work i suggest you contact the electrical workers registration board they would be pleased to know .

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 18 Aug '15 07:39 PM

All of the following companies should do the install. I've been collecting names for months. • AC Electrix _ Phone Adrian 0274 395414 _ Email [email protected] • LASER ELECTRICAL (in some parts of NZ they’re called Laser Plumbing and Electrical) • Falcon Electrical • Poynter Electrical • Rowan Dron Electrical • Simmonds Electrical • Astech Electrical (install for vector?) Cheers, Dene

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 18 Aug '15 07:56 PM

Two more companies: • JKM Electrical Services _ Phone Jamie 021 133 9696 _ Email [email protected] • Breaker Electrical _ Phone Troy 021 242 0334 _ Email [email protected]

Hope you find one among this bunch!

Re: Electrician who can install

Posted 20 Aug '15 03:59 AM

Anyone thinking of buying solar components should check that the solar components comply with nz electrical standards.

AS 4777.1:2005 Grid connection of energy systems via inverters. AS/NZS 5033:2012 Installation and safety requirements of Photovoltaic (PV) arrays. AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring rules.

- See more at:

I would also advise people to first find an electrician who is comfortable with you finding the equipment for them to install before you go out shopping. Remember the electricians have to deal with DC connections when installing a solar power system, which is higher risk than AC. Some electricians might not feel comfortable with dealing with unknown components.

Also make sure that you go through a solar panel wholesaler that you are confident will be around in 25 years time if you need to get a replacement under warranty (25 years is the normal performance warranty length).

Personally, I would highly recommend that anyone installing solar power in New Zealand go through a solar power installation company rather than sourcing products themselves. Solar Installation companies have done the research to find the best components for you that are NZ compliant, and they buy in bulk therefore they have good prices. They will be able to manage warranty issues with all of the components. There is just too much risk to do it yourself.

RE: Electrician who can install

Posted 13 Nov '19 08:39 PM

Anyone buy handyman services in lahore, Should you can also click on

RE: Electrician who can install

Posted 26 Nov '19 09:12 PM

RE: Electrician who can install

Posted 12 Feb '20 01:59 AM

Electricians specializing in construction primarily install wiring systems into factories, businesses, and new homes. Electricians specializing in maintenance fix and upgrade existing electrical systems and repair electrical equipment.

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