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Green roofs

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Green roofs

Posted 06 Sep '09 10:24 PM

Wouldnt last long in Wellington, blow to bits in a week.

Re: Green roofs

Posted 07 Sep '09 05:32 AM

You would be surprised..we know of some in Wellington already plus more are planned in the near future. They are pretty robust and if installed correctly can stand up to pretty much anything that Mother Nature cares to throw at them.

Re: Green roofs

Posted 10 Nov '09 03:10 PM

A green roof doesn't mean having to do without solar panels. Research suggests that the solar arrays can provide useful shade for plants on the roof, while the cooling effect of the roof can help the photovoltaic system to work better. Jasper SolarUK

Re: Green roofs

Posted 11 Nov '09 10:06 AM

Ergon is trialing a solar PV scheme in Townsville - they have measured a 6 deg C reduction in temperature below a solar panel as compared to the roof without panel coverage: the panels not only reduce the cooling load for the building, but generates electricity to supply the power to run, say, heat pump air conditioners.


Re: Green roofs

Posted 21 Nov '09 01:27 AM

Lots of hype, lots of subsidy money going to excited designers in this space. Benefits are overstated, usually based on overly expensive engineered projects. What we need is interest in humble projects, done at low cost by ordinary people. Then it may make sense but will not look as sexy as the above photo. Our roof supplies our family's carrot, tomato, leek, strawberry, bean and chive needs and is great fun but will not cool downtown one measurable iota.

RE: Green roofs

Posted 16 Feb '20 03:17 PM

Has anyone had any experience with 'Green' or 'Living' Roofs? We would love to hear your stories and learn.

See our Green Roof article in the Info & News Section.

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