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Magnesium Oxide Board

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Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 10 Jul '11 08:42 AM

Has anyone heard of or used this product? Found an interesting website that talks of using this board as an alternative to gib bd. M

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 10 Jul '11 09:29 AM

looks an interesting product. My first thought though was "Bracing". What bracing value does it have. Will local authorities accept it? Secondly, its 6mm thick rather than 10mm so what do you do with the extra 4mm each side of the wall when using standard door linings? Get them custom made or live with the overhang? Didn't see any board sizes (may have missed them). What do you cut it with? This line made me smile "completely free of toxins such as asbestos, formaldehyde or silica". Silica OMG I wont be going on the beach again!!.

Probably has its place, but as a GIB replacement mmm

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 10 Jul '11 10:47 AM

GIB is just a cardboard gypsum sandwich and therefore something I don't touch. Would use Fermacell or Magnesium Oxide Board over GIB anytime. GIB is weak and even weaker in a damp climate. GIB is certainly not good in NZ conditions. I would not worry about the thickness as things like door jambs are easlily adjusted to tolerances.

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 10 Jul '11 11:17 PM

As far as sizing, i think it comes in 3mm to 20 mm thick sheets, including the std 10mm. It is used for bracing as far as i know, waterproof (won't crumble like GIB when wet), FIRE proof, mold and rot resistant etc. Far more going for it i think than GIB. Can't see why it wouldn't be accepted as a wall lining considering the list it says it does over GIB. At least it wouldn't crumble on its screws and fall off the wall in an earthquake like GIB has. From what I've read, the US and Canada are going away from gib/sheetrock in favour of MgO board. The website i mentioned has a lot of links to 'green products' from the states, so hopefully they can get these passed here for use in NZ. We need more options in this country considering what people say that we are 20yrs behind the rest of the world. The only way we are going to know if things work or not is to experiment, like anyother system, company, product, or manufacturer does. Would you buy a car or fly in an aircraft if it hadn't been tested before hand? M

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 11 Jul '11 12:30 AM

Hi all, MgO Board could almost be described as the perfect building product. We're using MgO sheets (8mm) for the development of our Advanced Structural Insulated Panels. (ASIPS)

The following company started in 2007 to bring to NZ but couldn't get into the market as they were competing against the big boys, FBL & JH;

You will see that it has been well tested by our friends at BRANZ

Unfortunately, the MgO is only manufactured in China, where they have copious quantities of the mineral. The Advanced Living board is also made in China, but imported via USA.

The use of this board has seen a significant reduction in cost of materials to build an ASIPS house. Our 90mm ASIPS walls @ R3.3 (for affordability Guess What) are over a third cheaper compared to 90mm sticks with @ Code.

We're using it for ASIPS floors, walls & ceiling/roof panels....& there's bugger all plaster stopping!!!!!....much less than 'Gib'

We're currently in the design phase of an ASIPS house, using MgO board to be built in the Wiakato.

In the interim, we've built sleepouts & fences with MgO SIPS.....yes it can also be used as an exterior cladding

[email protected]

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 12 Jul '11 02:18 AM

Steve, who then are the suppliers of MgO board in NZ if there are infact any? Did you have to import the board yourself into the country for your system?

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 12 Jul '11 08:53 PM

Hi M, That's the problem....there are no suppliers here in NZ.

WE had to bite the bullet & import a container in order to proceed with ASIPS development. Freight was more than the materiel cost....even then, we could only afford 2/3 of a container load.

That's the price we all have to pay for living in this part of planet Earth!

Unfortunately, I don't have any to sell as it's too valuable to; worth more by adding value.

MgO board is not yet available in Australia but I understand that there will soon be a supplier in Brisbane. [email protected]

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 12 Jul '11 11:18 PM

I can't think of a better time for a new product such as this to launch in New Zealand. Christchurch would be my recommendation as the first location, it is hard to see how Winstone Wallboards and British plasterboard will be able to keep up with the upcoming huge demand for interior lining. This is a great Opportunity for Magboard, which certainly looks like a superior product

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 12 Jul '11 11:40 PM

Where or from whom can it be sourced in China?

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 13 Jul '11 12:28 AM

Yes got an email from them .Need to buy 500 sheets . Question Timbercrete, After shipping etc what was the price per sheet aproximatley?

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 13 Jul '11 12:31 AM

tearai May I ask whom you contacted ?

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 13 Jul '11 12:33 AM

Doing a little research on the web there are hundreds of manufactures of MgO board in China, but from a blog i read from the magboard amercian outfit is there is only about 3 companies that have true quality tested products there. The US magboard guys have set up their own factory there from what they say. Its about time the NZ companies here had alittle competition in regard to internal and external linings. I'm all up for this lining with bracing, fire resistance etc. [email protected], out of interest, do your ASIPS panels have a polystrene core? Have seen a product on the net in north america called 'magwall' Is this similar to yours? M

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 13 Jul '11 12:39 AM

I know there are many suppliers but it would be helpful find out about the once with better quality.

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 13 Jul '11 07:04 AM

Yep the person who responded to my email was Louis Moukhtar.

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 13 Jul '11 08:38 PM

ASIPS incorporates EPS.....due to simplicity of panel manufacture.

Hoping to switch to SCION's PLA corn based equivalent in time.

The biggest problem faced with sourcing MgO was to find a supplier who could provide a part container with a split in sheet thickness....the main companies will only supply one thickness @ minimum 20ft container load...they didn't even want to be flexible for R&D purposes.

My requirements from the manufacturer were ISO9001 proof, proof of testing, good communication & prompt response.

Hope this helps....Steve

Re: Magnesium Oxide Board

Posted 03 Aug '11 04:31 AM

I haven't followed this up but magnumbp are suggesting their mgo board is available through a distibutor in queensland Quantum X Building Suppliers Contact: Mark Kitchener [email protected] Shed 6/13 Runway Drive, Marcoola QLD 4564 alternatively it might be worth speaking with advanced living

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