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Self-Building (Jumping through hoops)

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Self-Building (Jumping through hoops)

Posted 24 Oct '17 06:06 PM

Hello and thank you to all that read this.
I'm hoping to get some advice or grounding from the good people on this forum.

We are wanting to self-build a modest eco house for myself and my family on a slice of land down here in Mid Canterbury. But… I am not a licenced/register builder.

Although I have worked in and around the trade, carried out extensive renovations on my own homes, and without trying to blow my own horn would describe myself as a practical, capable and accurate fella. I don’t hold the right qualifications as far as the bank is concerned.

We are relatively young and have a young family, but want to tackle a project like this in order to get the best bang for our buck as well as build our equity with our own sweat!

I work in the engineering sector, and design and run bespoke projects in excess of $1M, so have had experience around running projects, planning, budget tracking and swinging tools on site and at install in order to meet target and deadlines etc.

I would like to note at this point too that I absolutely respect professional builders!
With the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands put on them by compliance requirements and their own clients. But like all my other professional projects, with talking to the right people and getting oversight but those in the know throughout a project. Most risk and complications can be foreseen and avoided and thus make the path to obtaining a CCC as smooth as possible.

We are in a fortunate situation where borrowing (in terms of credit) is concerned is adequate to achieve what we would like to do if we remove most of the builders labour cost.
But because we are wanting to do/run the build ourselves we are looked at like we’re leapers by the banks.

Sooooo, long story short…

What we would like to get advice with is in terms of strategy so we can do as much of the build ourselves.

Would a builder ever work with a client to oversee a build on say a weekly site-visit basis and signoff on the appropriate stages if they were happy with the work and supplied appropriate evidence along the way? Kind of like the client becomes an employee to the builder with the builder only employed on an adviser type basis? (with all costs covered by the client obviously)

I would like to hear of any experience others have used to do as much of a build themselves as possible and still managed to keep the bank man happy.

Thanks for your feedback in advance


RE: Self-Building (Jumping through hoops)

Posted 14 Dec '17 10:33 PM

Hi Qwik,

Did you make any headway on this?

There are various exemptions which allow homeowner-occupiers to work on their own houses without needing the relevant tickets...

I guess you found that out already?


RE: Self-Building (Jumping through hoops)

Posted 16 Dec '17 07:52 PM

RE: Self-Building (Jumping through hoops)

Posted 24 Feb '18 07:04 PM

Money makes the world go round, but it can also put your plans to build the home of your dreams on hold if you don’t have enough of it. However, you might be surprised what you can achieve within your self-build budget.

Year after year there are potential self-builders who drive past plots they have rejected and see that somebody else has taken up the opportunity. There are very few perfect self-build plots. All of them have some drawback or other. Learn to look past what’s in front of your eyes and think about what the plot can be and what you can make it.

To avoid any kind of risk or the complication-free strategies contacting the professional Renovation companies would be the best idea, who can visit your site on weekly basis and advise you according to the situation.

RE: Self-Building (Jumping through hoops)

Posted 11 Feb '20 08:59 AM

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