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Posted 11 Jan '10 01:36 AM

I would like any feedback on weathertex linea board. It looks like a great product. I am building in Hawkes Bay where the sun is powerful.

Re: Weathertex

Posted 10 Feb '10 02:21 AM

Hello there, Weathertex originates from Queensland and has been used all over Oz including the Northern Territories for 60 odd years without temperature related issues as I understand it.

It is made from a plantation grown hardwood, and hardwoods are generally less affected by temperature and moisture changes than our locally grown softwoods.

I think it is a very good product for those looking for a cladding with a high degree of sustainability.

Re: Weathertex

Posted 01 Mar '10 07:41 PM

Hi Anon.

We were originally offered the Weathertex product for our new home. It is made from wood in Aussie for sure (Not a Linea product which is a James Hardie product), but as far as I know it's a HD timber or High Density composite - i.e., it's not made from a single length of timber but pressure manufactured from particles of timber.

We wanted to be as environmentally aware as we could in our build - there are many things that are definitely not sustainable, and the small budget made that difficult - so we paid I think 2k more for an FSC approved product from Southern Pine Products, based in ChCh. See:

They seem to have very energy and waste-efficient manufacturing processes, and although probably not needed here in NZ Chain of custody certification from the FSC (See

As with anything that's attempting to be "sustainable", "energy efficient" or whatever, it depends on how far down the Rabbit Hole you want to go.

FSC approved, cleanly manufactured timber vs imported potentially energy-inefficient manufacturing process.

I am biased as we have bought and installed our SPP board and haven't done my research with the Wethertex, I would however love to see anyone else's research on the product here on EB :-)

Cheers Russ

RE: Weathertex

Posted 13 May '20 01:16 PM

This thread is probably too old to help the original poster, but others may find it useful.
We had a sample given to us by the sales rep, which we respectfully left in a bucket outside, half underwater, and half sticking out facing the sun. 6 months later it looked just the same. Impressive.
It is made from waste Eucalyptus (bark etc). It's a sappy wood, and the mulch is just squashed together. The pressure is enough to make the sap work like a glue, and the outcome is a fairly homogeneous, high density, durable product. I expect that any surface coatings will eventually fail, but they all do, don't they?

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