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Nissan Leaf Gen 1

Nissan Leaf Gen 1

Posted 24 Oct '18 08:25 AM

Hi - I'm just after some general info about the Gen 1 Nissan Leaf and would love to hear about other users thoughts on these cars. Probably like the rest of the country I'm keen to jump on the EV bandwagon due to petrol costs.

I'm keen to get an EV but realistically can only afford a second-hand Gen 1 Nissan Leaf ($10000 - $12000). I would be using it to travel between Whangarei to Auckland and back once a week. I know the Gen 1 wouldn't have the range to cover that distance with 1 charge but the cars I've been looking at within my price range generally have 8 to 10 bars on the battery with SOH around 70% and under.

My question is - what would the distance range realistically be for a battery of this state for long distance driving between Whangarei - Auckland (approx 160km)?

I know I would need to charge the battery somewhere for each journey but I would be in interested to know how far I would get before it needed charging.

I welcome any thoughts or comments on this vehicle!


RE: Nissan Leaf Gen 1

Posted 23 Oct '19 06:43 AM

Hello Nizter,

I'm in the process of buying a Gen1 Leaf so I may be able to help here. I've managed to find myself a 7 year old car with 12 bars, but even so the dealer I am buying through only describes the car with 110kms of range. A friend also owns a Gen1 leaf with either 9 or 10 bars - he has had that car for a couple of years and I believe he works on the basis of a 80-100kms range.

So your 160kms is going to be an adventure!

One other thought from my reading and googling prior to purchase - the wisdom seems to be that charging to 80% of the battery capacity and avoiding quick charges if possible should prolong the life of the battery. What I am not sure is if the dealer is factoring this in when describing the estimated range I mentioned above. You would obviously be charging to 100% for maximum range which may also have an impact on you battery life over time. I'm curious - would having one long journey a week have a negative effect on the battery, or would the regular and deeper cycle of charging needed for the longer journey possibly be beneficial?

Good luck!


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