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Sourcing economical products

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Sourcing economical products

Posted 22 Jan '20 07:56 PM

We have all thought at some stage that we pay over the odds here in New Zealand, especially when it comes to lesser known, new or innovative products and are forced to succumb to the large monopolies that supply the majority of building products in New Zealand.

Whilst shipping products from around the world cannot be considered to be eco friendly or sustainable, for there to be significant changes in New Zealand, innovative and new products need to be available economically and offer some competition to the larger companies that may force a change.

Whats everyone's experience or advice around importing, or finding good local suppliers.

RE: Sourcing economical products

Posted 25 Jan '20 03:46 PM

Thanks for starting this thread, Ecobob! After we began the process of building our home in Wellington, we were shocked when we discovered the high price of basic aluminium joinery. We quickly realised we could import high-performance, uPVC double (or triple) glazing from the United States for a price comparable to conventional New Zealand aluminium joinery without thermal breaks or any glazing features. This was the beginning of Ameribuild.

Partnering with Sierra Pacific Windows, a large window and door manufacturer in the U.S., has allowed us to bring a new kind of uPVC window to the New Zealand market. All of our uPVC joinery is naturally thermally broken and arrives onsite pre-glazed and ready to install. Standard features include low-E glass, argon gas filling, and integrated insect screens (integrated meaning the windows are fully operable without removing the screens, but can be removed if desired). The long-term energy savings that our windows and doors provide helps to offset the carbon footprint created by shipping them here.

New Zealand builders and consumers have wrongly been conditioned to believe that a product is only suitable for “New Zealand conditions” if it has been BRANZ appraised, which presents a real challenge to overseas companies and importers wanting to introduce a new product and enter the New Zealand market. Ameribuild has invested in having the U.S. and international testing and technical documentation for Sierra Pacific Windows’ uPVC joinery assessed by a New Zealand engineer for compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. This detailed assessment report has helped us to allay the fears of builders and consumers, and has also ensured we have the necessary documentation to receive council building consent.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown (or lack of BRANZ certification/previous use in New Zealand) deter you from using imported building products. If the product you are wanting to use is made in a country with a well-regulated building industry and a strong building code, you should be confident in its ability to perform in “New Zealand conditions.” However, ensure that the product complies with the New Zealand Building Code and that the manufacturer or distributor is able to provide you with English language technical documentation that will be required by council when seeking building consent. Also when importing, remember to insure your goods during transport and remind the customs broker to apply the tariff concession for building materials so your goods will be duty free.

RE: Sourcing economical products

Posted 29 Feb '20 04:41 PM

Can anyone give any insight into the importing of building materials?

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