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Cohousing in Christchurch

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Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 24 Jul '12 02:18 AM

If anyone is interested in being part of a cohousing group, or intentional community in Christchurch could they please contact me. This could be to form a new one with new buildings or to modify existing buildings to create one, or to extend or modify an existing community.

Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 26 Dec '12 01:51 AM

Would be very interested to know more about what you were envisioning. I have many friends also interested in this concept.

Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 11 Feb '13 09:11 AM

I'm studying housing and housing movements with U Can. I am definitely keen to be in touch with you or meet. Am researching co-housing as part of my project. We have to make options available for our young people. The business sector has no interest as there is no money in it.

Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 11 Feb '13 08:33 PM

I am interested to talk about this further. There are great possibilities. Tiny house movement meets co-housing movement., etc etc


Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 13 Feb '13 06:50 AM

Hey everyone, I'm keen to help promote and follow this initiative. Contact me through I'm going to be in Christchurch briefly next week.

Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 13 Feb '13 10:30 AM

Sorry for the delay. I am trying to get in touch with someone interested in helping, and will post info as soon as I can.

Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 14 Feb '13 11:17 PM

I have contacted you through the site. Cheers. Keep up the good work.

Re: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 12 Mar '13 09:18 PM

Gricklegrass Community, Oxford, Canterbury.

We are looking for people to join our intentional community now if any one is interested, or please pass on. :)

RE: Cohousing in Christchurch

Posted 05 Nov '18 07:18 PM

Here's a rare chance to live in a neighbourhood designed for people

Peterborough Housing Cooperative has homes for sale. Live in a pocket neighbourhood with a real sense of community, giving you the best place to bring up your family.

Peterborough will feature 14 townhouses in the Christchurch central city around a huge 600m2 common courtyard. These will be brand new architect designed houses with solar boosted underfloor heating, non-toxic materials, and private back-yards.

Buy off the plans for below valuation sale price. Visit Enquiries to Adriana 021 269 9488

It’s more than a house. It’s a community. The pocket neighbourhood includes a neighbourhood house with a community cafe, lounge, study, kid’s space, activities room, and a guest room to complement your house.

It is purpose-designed to provide a sense of belonging with picnic areas, community garden, kid’s playground, and weekly neighbourhood dinners.


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