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What's the process to relocate a house?

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What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 04 Aug '10 07:47 AM

Hi all,

Being brand new to this forum, let me introduce myself...

I'm a mother of two preschool children (a nurse in my previous life) and have been living and breathing issues around sustainability/peak oil/climate change for the past few's fascinating (hence my obsessiveness), frightening and tiring.

We have made loads of changes and are feeling good about those. The BIG things though are proving to be much harder to implement. Our goal is to be debt free so we are looking to sell and move to a cheap section and plonk/build a tiny house on it. If we manage it well, I think we could be free of the bank in 5 years, perhaps less.

I've been scoping through these forums for a while and have read some very awesome stuff.

Not so long ago I saw a post someone put up (don't remember who sorry) with pics showing the old schoolhouse they relocated and put on poles. This idea has been growing slowly in my mind and now I'm seriously looking into it as an option for us.

I intend to talk to removal companies but thought I might try asking here first as I'm sure you guys wouldn't sugar-coat it and could probably give me some tips in dealing with this whole process, especially ways to reduce costs.

Thanks for reading,


Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 04 Aug '10 10:15 PM

Hi Ratsny, One issue to be aware of when looking at a relocated house, is that it is in effect a new house on the site you move it to, so needs to comply with all current requirements of the Building Code.

Some relocatable houses are offered very cheaply because of this, as there can be a lot of work involved in upgrading their structure, insulation etc. to current requirements. With some less complex buildings, you may be able to do a lot of the work yourself, if you have the time and can live in what is a building site or can afford to live elsewhere while doing the work.

Reusing an existing building can be very sustainable option, but talk to your council about their requirements.

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 04 Aug '10 10:27 PM

Find a house that is already there and needs little work!!!

Moving a house looks simple enough, and if you are a builder or handyman/woman you might give it a go. But it is not the cheapest, and it can cost a lot more than you budgeted for. There are a lot of hidden costs and it is easy to miss out things in your sums that you find you have to spend money on later.

We have moved a house, fixed it up completely, and then sold up when we moved to a different city.

One of us (builder by trade) worked fulltime fixing the house up after the house move, and the other had a job fulltime (which paid for the mortgage, and every other dollar we could spare going into the house as well). When we sold this house we came out even on the actual "costs" that we paid out, but we did not recover a single penny on the 100% labour we put in. This means that we would have been smarter to keep working and purchase a completed house instead.

In the situation you have described yourself to be in, moving and renovating would not be at the top of the best options to reduce debt. But if it's what you want to do, then that is a different reason altogether, and best of luck :-))

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 04 Aug '10 10:42 PM

Process: a. find the best piece of land that would meet your needs b. get some ballpark prices for putting a brand new "sustainable" house on it c. pick the most expensive estimate and use that as your budget: adjust the size of the house so that the budget is what you want to afford/pay d. check around for houses available for relocation e. find the best one that you want and do your sums carefully on that house (assume everything has to be re-done: wiring, insulation, cracked walls, kitchen, bathroom) f. double whatever the sum is that you end up with g. compare this number with the budget identified in "c" above h. if it is lower than "c" it is worth having a very close look at; if it is more expensive than "c", you're likely to be better off building new

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 04 Aug '10 10:53 PM


Forgot to say for the house we did up, we spent about two and a half times what we had budgeted for...

The post immediately above suggested doubling your sums: we totally agree!!!!

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 05 Aug '10 06:03 AM


Thanks guys, hearing first hand stories has made me really think twice!

I didn't realise that you have to bring an old place up to current specs for new buildings if you move it to a new site.


And doubling the sums! Far out, I feel so sorry for you guys doing all that work and getting nothing back but the lesson. Thanks for passing it on to me.

I guess it's back to plan A, building a teeny wee super-compact micro mini house.

I'll have a look back through the older posts and see what I can find out (have never been through the building process either - total newbie).

Any suggestions for good people/companies to talk to in the South?

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 12 Aug '10 12:34 AM

Hi Ratsny Have heard all sorts of stories about relocating a house. We have been up to the Mystery Creek Field Days this year and were blown away with the brand new relocatalbles available and most are Eco friendly and well thought out. Don't know if you could get hold or one of there Buying Guides & Programmes but you could email them on also check out Goodluck

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 05 Sep '10 08:41 AM

Hi, I am not sure if you already own a property but if this is your first home you will find it hard to get a bank to loan for this project. I agree that you should also look into new homes. are good pricing and you know they will be warm and fully insulated.

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 05 Sep '10 10:33 PM

That was me who put the school house on poles. It's worked a treat. In my case it was to make a big shed/workshop but to do a home that way would work very well too. If I were to do a home i'd seek out a timber framed ex-brick clad house. The cladding would be removed already and you then can see any borer and/or rot right from the outset. They are cheaper too. You will also have the huge advantage of being able to do your wiring, plumbing, insulation etc to a very high standard before cladding. Cladding is easy, by the way. The biggest advantage is that once up on poles you can then leave it stuck up in the air and build under later as you can afford, or not if you cant. Underfloor insulation is an absolute breeze! PM me if you want to know more details. Sam

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 24 Jan '11 05:30 AM

Hi new here, Samiam would much appreciate any help in doing a relocatable on posts, can you tell how to avoid all the pitfalls the details would be helpful thanks, greg

Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 30 Jul '15 12:53 PM

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Re: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 05 Oct '15 06:39 AM

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RE: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 29 Dec '17 01:58 AM

Ensure to configure Phone lines & fax when you move & contact to service provider after home removal service offered by Packers and Moovers to avoid issue.

RE: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 05 Nov '19 09:19 PM

It is best to hire a real estate agent. It may be pricey but a professional can look for the mos suited home for you. Also, you can try to scout for houses in the area you like- Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, etc. It may be better if you can also spend time researching for the most suitable city or place for you in terms of your needs and your budget. As for help in relocating within New Zealand, there are a lot of good and professional house movers that you can hire. For example, you can check out Auckland House Movers services. They offer good packages for house moving and furniture removal.

RE: What's the process to relocate a house?

Posted 05 Nov '19 10:51 PM


What are you wanting to do? Have you got a house, or a plot of land in mind?

If you need the land, the real estate agents help will be invaluable, and like you say the home movers will have the houses.

There are also often houses for sale on Trade me that require removal. Also if you speak to the home movers, they are often aware of vacant lots that may be suitable for relocating a house to.

Keep us posted.

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