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3 Phase Meter Only Exporting on One Phase

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3 Phase Meter Only Exporting on One Phase

Posted 10 May '18 11:38 AM

I'm new to this forum and joined so I could ask a question. Is our 3 phase meter setup wrong?

We have 2 phases supplying our house and a 3 phase import/export meter (obviously one phase is not connected). We also have a solar array split across 2 phases, 2.0kW on phase 1 and 2.2kW on phase 2. We have tried to balance the loads to match the generation as much as possible. All good so far. We also have our own power monitoring system (a Brultech GEM that can monitor 32 channels using current clamps).

There has always been a discrepancy between what we measure and what the power company charges us. I just put it down to possible inaccuracies of our monitor. But we have always been paid for less generation than what our monitor reports. So I did some investigation.

Turns out our 3 phase meter (EDMI Mk10D) is set up to only record exporting on one phase!
Looking through the registers (4 years since install):
1_INP: 12966 kWh
2_INP: 27502 kWh
1_EXP:5647 kWh
2_EXP: 0 kWh

This implies we have never exported on phase 2.

Right now our own meter readings are:
Phase 1: 1998W solar generation, exporting 290W to the grid
Phase 2: 2191W solar generation, exporting 1799W to the grid

Am I mistaken or is there a problem with this meter? Does anyone else have a multiphase solar system who can check this for me?

Thanks, Marty.

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