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Assessing solar system size

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Assessing solar system size

Posted 15 Mar '17 09:21 AM

Morning all,

Question for those who have taken the solar leap - how did you establish the size of your solar system (kW) prior to installation?

Was this based upon fundamentals (daily load profile), monthly power bill, guidance from an electrician or your installer, available roof area, total system price, other?

Thanks a lot,

RE: Assessing solar system size

Posted 20 Mar '17 10:09 AM

Hi Nathan

You're correct, you need a load management plan and energy audit to assess what size system will work for you. You can either hire someone to do this or some companies will work with if purchases the system from them. If you are grid-tied a good starting point would be your power bill with both a summer and winter average. Please feel free to contact us on 0279326815 or email [email protected]


RE: Assessing solar system size

Posted 05 May '17 11:55 AM

I am completely off grid.

What I did was started with a proof of concept starter pack that turned out to be good enough to run the whole place. Rather than putting more money into solar panels and batteries, I looked at things from the other end and looked at my usage and appliances. I'm talking about fridge, freezer and computers.

In summer I don't have a care in the world but in winter when it hasn't stopped raining for a couple of weeks I have to shut things down or top it up with the generator and charger.

So long story short it's a good idea to start looking at what's on the other end and you don't have to boil the ocean. Invest in a watt meter which I have plugged into my inverter so I can see how much draw something is using real time.

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