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Considering Solar Power for Residential

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Considering Solar Power for Residential

Posted 06 Apr '18 03:46 PM

Hi guys,

New to installing a solar system for my house. I was considering some installers and was forwarded this article from ZEN Energy.

I thought they made some good points, was wondering if anyone else had any tips like this consider before installing solar for residential usage.

Thanks in advance

RE: Considering Solar Power for Residential

Posted 28 Apr '18 11:22 PM

Don’t buy into it yet. Energy minister is in conference regarding Power companies. In reality wiith current agenda shifting away from hydrocarbons, things may change. Although our country has most of its energy supplied by renewables, it is still dependent on gas and a few weeks ago Huntley was fired up so there’s a way to go which hopefully will be mini generation with geothermal and hydro as a back up.

RE: Considering Solar Power for Residential

Posted 28 Aug '18 03:37 PM

I work in the solar industry, and as far as I am aware the Govt. doesn't particularly like solar power, because they would rather sell you power from Meridian and other power companies they still have shares in. I know the Govt is reviewing carbon tariffs and power prices, but not considering supporting solar power in any way.

Energywise who the Govt. fund, actively still try to put people off buying a solar power system, with their solar calculation which tells people at the end of the calculator that the payback period for the average home and average solar power system size will be 25 - 30 years.

On my other website My Solar Quotes, people that have actually got a system installed tell us that the average payback period is between 8 and 15 years.

The Energywise (ECCA) solar calculator has been under scrutiny from the solar industry, but Energywise won't even review their calculations.

It is pretty clear at this stage the Govt. will not be subsidising solar power.


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