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New Ecobob Forum

Posted 26 Nov '15 11:18 AM

Hi All,

I have just created this new forum. Solar Power has been a really popular topic on Ecobob, so I have created a new space specifically for solar related questions and feedback.

Kind regards,

RE: New Ecobob Forum

Posted 26 Nov '16 05:08 PM

Hi folks,
Does anyone have at their fingertips roughly the price difference between a Victron 3 kw and 5 kw invertor? Just trying to do some sums over the weekend.


RE: New Ecobob Forum

Posted 26 Jan '17 12:51 PM

Hi Out west,

We are suppliers and experts of Victron equipment please check out our site
or contact us directly on 0279 326815 for any further information or questions on system design.


RE: New Ecobob Forum

Posted 12 Mar '17 10:48 AM

Hi, we build and supply affordable off grid systems , batteries and equipment , I am an electrician that has over 20 years experience in off grid.We live off grid eco and sustainable just outside Hamilton in 10 acres of native New Zealand bush. email at [email protected]

RE: New Ecobob Forum

Posted 22 Nov '19 05:05 PM

I am 2 weeks into solar ownership and the numbers are looking about where i expected, i looked for ages and settled on a 9x 320w Sunpower system with Enphase Q7 micro's
Question is how do i see if my system is peeking on output? the 320 w panels are facing north west and have been flat on production today from about 11:45 to 16:30. at a total of 2207W
I am aware that panels are rated various ways and they are a 320w STC rated panel. Are most companies overstating the wattage as they are more likely to only produce about 2/3rds of the stated output?
Secondly the micros are rated at a max continuous output of 240w (max 250w) so may also be misleading to people that don't check.
Anybody with any experience looking at peak outputs?


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