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Reconditioning batteries

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Reconditioning batteries

Posted 29 Nov '15 01:00 AM

I just got a property and in it i have a little house that i'm trying to make self sustainable.
I want it to be completely off-grid. At least in terms of power.
I'm using 2 solar panels and a wind turbine, that i built myself.
For storing the power i have been using used car batteries, since i don't have that much money to spare.
The problem is that the batteries are old and used.
I know there are ways to recondition them, i have checked some information online but with no use.

A couple of days ago i was digging in a forum and an user was recommending this program.
It's not free, but it appears legit. I'm thinking whether to buy it or not.
Has any one heard of this?

RE: Reconditioning batteries

Posted 30 Nov '15 11:14 PM

I would stay well clear, snake oil come to mind. Do some research before paying anything...

Quote from

Surely treating a worn out battery is like watering a dead plant or feeding a dead dog? The rational mind will look after the plant and the dog. Yet hordes of people who regard themselves as perfectly rational will still attempt to breathe life into their dead batteries !!!!!

RE: Reconditioning batteries

Posted 03 Dec '15 09:30 AM


I don't think recondition old car batteries would be worth your while. Unless you are just running a light from them then you won't be able to get enough power out of them. Have you looked into buying old gold cart batteries?

RE: Reconditioning batteries

Posted 05 Dec '15 12:59 PM

Hi . Check out this site . . Some very learned people there and helpful .
I agree with Mike on the battery additive

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