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Solar Ground Mount

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Solar Ground Mount

Posted 30 Jul '19 08:55 PM


We are putting together a 3.6 kW solar system, we have decided not to put the panels on the roof. I would like to have an ground mount system where the mount has angle adjustment for the seasons.

So I have been designing my own mount but I have just found out that they need to be approved to AS/NZS1170.2 for wind loading.

So my question is, does anyone know of an engineer who would be able to approve my design, or perhaps a company that makes plans to this standard that I could purchase?


RE: Solar Ground Mount

Posted 01 Aug '19 04:49 PM

Hi Matt, as PV panels cost so little now, its not worth the hassle and extra cost of making the mounts adjustable (more wear and tear and have to be quite a lot stronger for moveable components), fix them to the ground with 100 x 100 posts 1m in the ground, 2m apart, 150 x 50 diagonals for your alloy rails. Just add some extra panels, some pointing North for morning sun, some West for afternoons.


RE: Solar Ground Mount

Posted 05 Aug '19 05:02 PM

Thanks for the post Mike, I am seriously considering simplifying my plans and going with a fixed mount.

I have been asking around a bit and (if I understand the situation correctly) that on paper ground mounts need to be wind rated, but it practice this isn't checked?

I don't want to pay an engineer big bucks for nothing.


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