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Which Power retailer?

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Which Power retailer?

Posted 15 Sep '16 11:25 AM

Hi all, Need some advice. We just got solar installed (2.65kW) at home and I am not sure who the best Power provider is.

We are currently with Genesis who have a 5.45cents buy back but also get a dual energy discount as we have gas for hot water and heating. they also have a prompt payment discount. The hard thing is to know if we will be even producing any unused power and if so how much. I used the power switch website but that doesnt include providers like Ecotricity. Who are others with that have Solar and Gas? Thanks. PS - We have to pay $100 to genesis for a two way meter to get installed so need to decide if we stick with them or switch to get a new provider to put in their meter.

RE: Which Power retailer?

Posted 30 Sep '16 02:29 PM

Hi flynkiwi, it depends on which part of the country you live in. We're in a rural area north of Dunedin and are running a 4kWh 16-panel system. The only two power companies who offer solar connections down this way are Contact and Meridian. We opted for the former but there's probably not much difference between the two. We're (relatively) happy with Contact Energy.

Contact installed the in/out meter at no charge, which was good of them. We're not in an ideal solar situation with neighbours' trees and a mountain which cuts out winter sun later in the day. However we're still saving $1,900-2,000pa on power. We also have gas hot water heating which comes via a third party supplier.

One thing I would say is don't expect to make money feeding back to the grid. Learn to use your solar power when the sun is shining by using washing machines, etc. It's worth a lot more to you than the paltry amount the power companies will pay.


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