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Full size oven

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Full size oven

Posted 19 Oct '19 06:36 PM

We are building a tiny house on wheels and would like to install a sizable electrical oven. The biggest restriction is that the power source is similar to a caravan in that it is fed by a 16amp plug. This obviously restricts the possible size of the oven. Gas also isn't an option for us as we have made the tiny house out of freezer panels and we don't want to compromise the insulation by putting in vents.
Is any one aware of a free standing or inbuilt caravan oven (not a little bench top cooker) that draws minimal power?
Would appreciate any advice any one might be able to offer

RE: Full size oven

Posted 13 Nov '19 06:32 PM

Yeah I have Caravan Oven & Grill, Stoves 2200GG Built in LPG, I bought it last year from black Friday deals, and really its working good still, good thing it comes on varieties of sizes and easily fit in existable space, I also saw VOYAGER 4500 DELUXE Freestanding COOKER WITH IGNITION BLACK and 90cm Freestanding Multifunction Oven on they both are new standing oven and much expensive in markets, but on this site they are available half of market price, I suggest you to buy from there, but choice is totally yours whatever you wanna buy.

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