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Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

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Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Jan '12 11:04 PM

My partner and I have just finished building our beach house on the west coast and as it's in relatively remote area as far as possible we've tried to make it as sustainable as possible using thermally efficient building materials (uPVC window joinery, solar, rainwater supply etc).

We ended up going with PVC joinery (which required a fair bit of homework given it's not widely available in NZ yet) after an aluminium company told us they wouldn't do an installation due to the proximity to the sea - they said they wouldn't guarantee/warranty the windows so that led us down the path of investigating PVC which in the end has been a godsend as they're robust and double glazed (set up for triple if we want it down the track) and we get a 10 year warranty! Huge difference in noise reduction and warmth compared with the aluminium we have at home.

When it came to exterior cladding we were faced with similiar - all of the other houses in the area clad in tin only last 10 years before needing a complete reclad and the others have to be painted every 10 years so we started our search for something we wouldn't need to worry about once it went on. We found an insulated vinyl cladding from Canada called Mitten which had the colour impregnated into it (no painting or sanding - yay!). The builder who put up the cladding said it took half the time it would have normally as it was so easy to handle etc so we're rapt and it looks great (like a weatherboard house). The building inspector passed the house with flying colours (said it exceeds the requirements) and the valuer gave a really good valuation based on the future proof aspect of the materials we've used so we're very happy.

We realised that there must be heaps of other people out there like us who are looking for smarter building materials and it seemed crazy to me that there aren't more options out there for people so we took on the distribution for the Mitten Cladding in New Zealand we love it that much and know it can really help people as it's also less expensive than other cladding (especially when you factor in no need for painters etc).

I just wanted to tell our story in case there's anyone out there like us looking for another option that's available if you're looking to reclad or build new, it's definitely worth checking out. I'm more than happy to answer any questions as I've used it on my own house and absolutely love it and know first hand how bamboozling it is as someone building a house and wanting something different to the norm but perhaps not knowing where to start.

Thanks for reading my post :)

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 09 Jan '12 12:31 AM

Looks great.

What did the cladding work out at in terms of $ per square metre (including fixing), do you know?


Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 09 Jan '12 12:43 AM

It's $115 per square metre (delivered to site to most parts of NZ) and it comes with complete flashing systems, j trims, corners. It takes alot less time to put up so it depends on the builder but it works out at approx $16.50 per square metre. Our builder told us it took him about a fifth of the time that it would have taken to install timber weatherboard.

The colour we used is the darkest of the colours but it comes in 10 colours and has an R Rating of .7

You can look at the aussie website if you want to see more detailed info etc

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 13 Jan '12 03:38 AM

Good to see someone using the product.

We are the Wellington reseller and are just in the process of setting up a showroom where you can see the product installed.

We also sell uPVC Doors and Windows.

Company is Eco Doors and Windows Ltd 29 Hutt Road Wellington

Call Chris on 974 8930

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 16 Jan '12 08:46 AM

Wow your post is a godsend to me. I've been reading about PVC windows and really liked the sound of them. One building company we visited didn't know much about it and said since we're in northland it wouldn't be needed... Would like to know who you used and how cost compared. Photos aren't always accurate with colours but the photo of the cladding looks very similar to what I like. We want something maintenance free but I'm not a real lover of brick. Defn will be looking into this option more. Thanks for your post :)

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 17 Jan '12 09:39 PM

I can't quite see the point of insulated cladding... Best practice, that I've used for many years now, involves a cavity system to keep the cladding off the underlying structure/subcladding. Surely it's at this SUBCLADDING layer that any insulation/airtightness should be addressed. Thus the job of the outer layer/cladding is purely to protect the next layer in, which is the layer thats actually doing all the real 'work' of keeping the structure dry, warm and airtight?

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 17 Jan '12 10:16 PM

Hi there,

Glad to hear that the information has helped you! If you want to see images of the cladding in other colours etc just go to and have a look there. We can get it to you in Northland as we supply to the whole country just get in touch at and we can price up your job depending on how much you need etc.

I also have heaps of installation images I can email you if you want to see them just let us know.

The guys from ECO windows and doors above might be able to tell you more about uPVC windows and doors and costings and things as ours was done a while ago and prices may not be current. uPVC is generally more expensive than aluminium but the benefits (noise insulation, minimal condensation etc) are well worth it.


Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 17 Jan '12 10:27 PM

Hi there,

The theory behind cladding being insulated is just to add another layer to the thermal envelope. In wall insulation and other key building practises are still essential and insulated cladding in no way tries to take the place of best building practise.

It is just another cladding option now available for consumers in New Zealand who are keen to save dollars on installation and who don't want to have to paint their house every 8 years as well as improving insulation, aesthetic and need to maintain their exterior.

Insulated cladding also helps to keep the air pocket in the cavity at a constant temperature effectively working like double glazed glass which reduces the freeze/thaw cycle ie: condensation on the inside of metal claddings and in the cavity in general.

Additionally, if installing as a direct fix system (directly to studs instead of over cavity) it can add an insulation value of .7 and also gives you the option of recladding over top of existing cladding to increase the insulation of the house even more and improve the aesthetic of the house, eliminate maintenance etc.

Insulated vinyl cladding has been the most popular cladding type for the past 16 years consecutively in the USA/ Canada and Russia. The Mitten brand insulated vinyl also comes with a 50-year transferable warranty on it so that's great peace of mind for the home owner.

Any other questions or concerns please let us know as we're keen for people to have the right information about this product,

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 01:56 AM

Looks like a fantastic product. Did the $115sqm include GST, Freight and all flashinhs/fixings? And who did you get your Pvc joinery from?

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 03:28 AM


Yes it's a fantastic product with a long track record in Canada, the States and Australia. The cost is exclusive of GST but comes with complete flashing systems (j-trims, corner posts, starter strips). If you are based in the South Island the boys at Weathertight Windows and doors are amazing, two of the owners are from the UK so really get the product and are extremely passionate about it. They do everything from white to wood grain, black, metallic etc.

Hope that helps - sing out if you want any pricing done on the Mitten cladding or any other questions.

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 08:54 AM

There is an NZ company with an insulated PVC wall cladding based in Tauranga, I've seen samples and I believe that they are going through the appraisal process with BEAL but I don't know much more about it. Contact Nigel Dickinson

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 07:03 PM

Hi there - great to hear that others are beginning to offer this product. The more it's available to people as an option when considering cladding the better.

Mitten Insulated Cladding is currently 80% of the way through BRANZ appraisal here in NZ and they have accepted all of the international accreditations etc for it thus far.

We have the national distribution agency for Mitten here in New Zealand so are able to supply to anyone anywhere in the country. If you're interested in getting more accurate pricing or knowing more please contact me at Happy to answer any questions.

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 07:04 PM

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 07:06 PM

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 07:07 PM

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 07:11 PM

Quite stunning and clean looking.

Renovator and other PVC suppliers: what is the life of the cladding (not the warranty period), and does it EVER need painting?


Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 08 Feb '12 08:30 PM

Hi - I have lots more images I can post and please also have a look at to see more.

The cladding absolutely never needs painting and in many cases manufacturer warranties would be void should a homeowner paint their vinyl cladding. It's designed to remove the need for painting altogether.

The board is coloured right through so it can't be scratched off - this means you buy whatever colour you like (it comes in ten), it goes up (in a fifth of the time to install compared with other cladding types) and that's it. You pay one price and that's it once installed.

Maintenance wise it may need a wash down once a year like any other exterior cladding but other than that it's maintenance free. It's very popular for second story extensions etc where the homeowner never wants to get up high to sand, paint or maintain their cladding. It's also perfect for earthquake prone areas due to being so lightweight, tough and flexible.

The actual life-span of the product well exceeds the 50 year warranty on it. Mitten was started in Canada by an engineer called Doug Mitten in 1959 and they have installations done right back then which still look as good as new today.

Hopefully this answers your question...?

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 11 Dec '12 08:35 PM

Hi Samiam,

The purpose of the insulation on Mitten Vinyl is to prevent any heat/cold transfer through the exterior cladding into the cavity system. Transfer of these temperatures can cause condensation in the cavity system and an insulated cladding reduces this problem therefore keeping the cavity airspace at a stable temperature - similiar to how a double glazed window works.

The insulated cladding does actually increase the R-Value of the wall system with a cavity and has just passed Branz appraisal using the cavity system.


Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 11 Dec '12 10:58 PM

What you're saying would seem to make sense with a closed cavity - but AFAIK no TA would approve such a thing under weatherboards. Open cavities are by design ventilation (and drainage) systems - taking care of any condensation within or mositure penetration through the outer layer. I'm with samiam on this... it's hard to see the sense in insulated weatherboards over an open cavity.

Re: Canadian Insulated Vinyl Cladding

Posted 24 Aug '14 08:45 AM

Hi, I am very interested in the product(cladding). I would be interested in finding out the following? Can it be re-cladd over an existing cladding(plaster board - stucco)? Does the existing clad need to be removed? Will the council issue a CCC (code of compliance) after completion? The house is in Auckland. Thanks in advance.

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