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Land in Motueka

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Land in Motueka

Posted 15 Dec '11 07:18 AM

We would love to hear from young couples/families who are interested in purchasing land close to motueka. We want a couple of hectares workable land + some native wilderness, to build our wee haven. We have found a beautiful block 10mins from town with 4 possible building platforms on 100acres inc some mature pines. However like most lovely spots its too expensive to buy ourselves, and we are looking for like minded folk, who would be keen to buy in themselves, here, or somewhere in the area. Also any info on subdividing laws/costs in area would be appreciated.

Re: Land in Motueka

Posted 18 Dec '11 01:39 AM

Hi martynJo,

we are looking also to buy in that area but we are not young.

I enclose, for your perusal, an email of possible interest, involving the TDC. You mention subdivision etc, and the following matter pertains to multiple occupancy..would could, in some cases, render subdivision obsolete.

""""Hello Everyone,

We want to let you know that the TDC has taken us to Environment Court.

There will be a so-called pre-hearing conference in Nelson. This is in preparation for the hearing at a later time.

One matter to be considered is whether there are any legal questions as to the Court's jurisdiction.

We have chosen an approach that is quite unique and are excited about this upcoming pre-hearing. We believe that the council no longer has authority over us and our property.

We have been informed that the pre-hearing is open to the public and the media. If you are interested in attending, just show up:

Tuesday 20 December at 10.30am Nelson Court Room 2.01

Feel free to pass this e-mail on to others that may be interested.


Jan-Albert & Irma

PS We would like to point out once again that there have not been any complaints about our way of living; we are not harming the environment, nor any persons. The only problem according to the council is that it is not part of the current resource management plan; a plan that is out of date and overdue for a review. During the meeting that was organised by the Motueka Valley Association in October two motions were passed without any objections by the 150 attendees. The council staff assured us that they would discuss these motions during their next Environment & Planning Committee meeting in November. However not one word was spend on this matter! ""

Re: Land in Motueka

Posted 19 Dec '11 08:02 AM

Hi nofear,

Is that the case regarding wantoo wantoo? We have friends who had stayed there and were supporting them.

If you're interested we should have a chat over a brew. We'll be back early in the new year. Are you currently in the area??

email us at



Re: Land in Motueka

Posted 30 Dec '11 07:37 PM

Hi MartynJo, we will be in the area in the New year and will email you. all the best

Re: Land in Motueka

Posted 13 May '13 01:26 PM

Hi, are you Jan Albert and Irma of 1212?

If yes, I`m a woofer who stayed with you only for 1 week, in 08/09 (Lukas & Nina), you might possibly not remember us, but could you please email me:

thank you for having us (though it s late, i never forget)

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