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really small log burner

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really small log burner

Posted 28 Jun '10 05:42 AM

I've got a small room I'd like to heat with a wood burner of some kind. The room is only about 5 x 5 metres and currently has an old open fireplace in it which takes up too much space and is broken (i want to pull it out).

Ideally I'd like a wee log burner, but even the smallest metro or similar is too big. Maybe something designed for a house bus?

(Needs to be wood - grown on my property)

Re: really small log burner

Posted 28 Jun '10 07:04 AM

Gidday I found this orsome site while surfing the net, just perfect for you situation Mike P

Re: really small log burner

Posted 28 Jun '10 08:07 AM

Since it is multifuel it may not have to comply with wood burner smoke emissions regs.

Re: really small log burner

Posted 08 Jul '10 02:01 AM

The makers of the Little Cracker do not have any recommended minimum distances from combustibles for house installation because that is not their market. If you install one in a building, you will need to use the distances to combustible materials in the Standard for Domestic Solid Fuel Burning Appliances NZS 2918. Many libraries will have a copy of this.

Whether or not you can install the Little Cracker will depend on where in the country you are because different Regional Councils have different rules for wood and multi-fuel burners. The size of your site and where in the region you are located may also affect whether you can install it.

Re: really small log burner

Posted 08 Jul '10 03:18 AM

I successfully applied to Wellington CC to have Butler multifuel installed.

Re: really small log burner

Posted 29 May '11 06:49 PM

If the litle cracker does not suit, Morso 1440 is a clean air unit thyat that requires minimum clearance due to its consruction with convection panels, and it is a stove top. best of both worlds? If you want NZ made then take a look at the Warmington studio model. All three units mentioned put out similar average heat.

By the way i would strongly urge everyone with a fireplace to look at the fantastic Flue cube that nakes angels out of any fuel burning fire. better performance, less fuel burned and almost nil smoke.

Perhaps the best $350 that could be spent on heating today...regardless of having a clean air version or not.

This Nelson invention should be mandatory in my opinion. The inventor makes a strong case for renewable energy.

Re: really small log burner

Posted 17 Aug '15 10:44 AM

Hi This is the smallest wood burner I have found, and it's made in Woolston, they look pretty awesome -

They are also on trade me, this listing has expired but there are a few photos and a bit of a blurb here

One of their stoves is also used in a tiny house in ChCh, see Stuff's story, you can just see it peeking out by the settee.


Re: really small log burner

Posted 17 Aug '15 10:45 AM

Oops forgot to include the last link, so here it is

Re: really small log burner

Posted 22 Aug '15 03:33 AM

Update on small woodburners. the Wagener Sparky has made its debut as a follow on from the Butler multi and is smaller and cheaper, but still has stovetop and looks great. we have just purchased one for our convereyd semi trailer home and look forward to giving a review next year.

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