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Deploying electric vehicles in New Zealand

Download the PDF (500kb) Draft document for feedback

  • confusion among consumers about the requirements for different vehicles

  • safety concerns arising from this confusion

  • vehicles charging with some plugs but not with others

  • homes needing significant (and costly) new wiring and sockets

  • uncertainty regarding the Standards required to be met by the vehicle and associated charging equipment.

This situation has the potential to create significant barriers for the uptake and trade of EVs. This guidance document, produced by EECA in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), and the Ministry of Transport (MOT), aims to help EV manufacturers and importers by providing with accurate information about the existing regulatory and market conditions. This document aims to address these concerns by:

  • providing information about the New Zealand regulatory environment as it applies to EVs and charging technologies
  • providing background information about the expected charging needs of New Zealand EV users.

Download the PDF (500kb) Draft document for feedback

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Posted by on 03/11/2015 03:02 PM

re: Deploying electric vehicles in New Zealand
The following PDF report could be of use to people interested in Electric Vehicles: Forecast Uptake and Economic Evaluation of Electric Vehicles in Victoria Download it here (1mb):

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