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Electric Vehicles On The Market in New Zealand

Hills, winding roads, long straights, potholes, clueless tourists behind the wheel and the new trend sweeping the nation: failing to indicate. These are just some of the common complaints from drivers in and around New Zealand.

My bone to pick is different from the aforementioned above; rather it’s at the total lack of diversity on our roads when it comes to electric/hybrid vehicles. New Zealand should be at the forefront of this industry and for years New Zealand has been the West’s petri dish for all sorts of half-baked and ingenious ideas, eftpos is one such example.

But I digress, the auto industry is seemingly uninterested in seeing how electrical/hybrid cars sell and preform in a market like ours, not mention Electric/Hybrid vehicles can be expensive, and with a small population along with cheap Japanese imports and with a Government that is pro burning fossil fuels makes for an interesting yet marginalised community of electrical vehicle owners.

This is just a brief run through at face value, we plan on conducting driving tests and rating electric/hybrid vehicles in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for in thorough in depth car reviews. That said, lets have a look at some of the more popular and interesting electric vehicles available to buy in New Zealand.

Outlander EV

Mitsubishi are marketing their latest “plug in hybrid” Outlander SUV as an SUV, but not as we know it. The Outlander is a familiar site on New Zealand roads, so we were pleased to see the latest addition to the EV market. The Outlander will satisfy a large section of buying public for several reasons. It has style for miles. It’s sleek but has obvious road presence, has many luxury features and is large enough for the entire family and the ridiculous luggage said family can muster. The outlander makes use of two electric engines combined with a petrol engine, so driving on just electrical output for small journeys is a reality, rather than a gimmick. This vehicles starts from $59,990, not bad for a brand new SUV.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable family car) stands out on New Zealand roads as a vehicle that is fully electric. Though I think attaching “Environmentally friendly” to any vehicle is slightly contrived, the Leaf is to be respected as a vehicle that has very small, carbon emissions. The Leaf looks like an electric car, so this will either attract certain buyers, or turn others away. Though recent sales suggest that the Leaf is extremely sought after with many countries having a waiting list of eager buyers. Charging the vehicle may require some electrical work in your garage at home or work place, however, these charging portals are relatively cheap and well worth the investment for the future. There are plenty of Nissan Leaf’s available in New Zealand. Second hand Nissan Leaf’s start from $20,000, brand new is from $40,000.

Holden Volt

The Holden Volt – Its Holden’s Hybrid plug in electric vehicle that brags of being the only vehicle of its kind on New Zealand roads. Certainly, it boasts impressive safety features and looks appealing with its sedan styling. The Holden Volt also has an easy to navigate and thoroughly acceptable website that can explain the in’s and outs of the vehicle far better than this meandering electrical vehicle enthusiast, go to to have a look your self. In short, the Volt may still need to iron out a few design floors and engineering conundrums, but this vehicle is an impressive feat nonetheless, as should be test driven immediately. Johnston Ebbett, Holden Dealer in Wellington is selling a 2014 model for $59,990.

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Posted by Bert van den Berg on 12/12/2015 09:06 AM

Hi Everyone,

The comment "There are plenty of Nissan Leaf’s available in New Zealand. Second hand Nissan Leaf’s start from $20,000, brand new is from $40,000." is not entirely true. Apparently you cannot buy a "new" Nissan Leaf in New Zealand.



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